Borrowing florals

Happy Friday, everyone! This week flew by. It feels like we just dropped Veronika off to the airport yesterday! I still have a lot of photos from our weekend together, but I thought I'd save some for next week to break it up a little bit! This week was super great though. I am finally getting back on track with a bunch of things in my life and it feels good. I'm working on this '15 by 25' goal, where I want to lose 15 pounds by my 25th birthday (8 weeks!) A lot of you have questions, so I'm hoping to get a post ready next week on it!

Every time I visit Andrea in Chicago, I die over these shoes. I searched high and low when I first saw them, but I could never find them! But being the amazing friend she is, she let me borrow her pair! They are a half size too big, but they are so cute. They are insane to walk in though. I don't know how you do it, Andrea! Brett was laughing at me because I walked with my knees bent the whole time. Haha!

My darling friend Kate from Postcards From let me borrow her amazing top from American Apparel. I saw it in the store when we were in Ann Arbor a few months ago and wanted it so bad, but didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. I wasn't really sure how to style it either! It's super heavy, but oh my gosh, is it pretty. It goes with so many of my floral prints in my closet too. Good thing I have amazing girlfriends to let me borrow their clothes and shoes!

We are off to Lansing tonight to see The Get Up Kids and Saves the Day! I'm so excited. I haven't seen either of those bands yet! So crazy, because I've loved both of these bands since I was like.. 15! (Crap, is that almost 10 years ago already?) Saturday, our band is playing a show at Mixtape, so if you're in Grand Rapids, be sure to come out! I hope the weather is beautiful because I'd love to bonfire with friends and ride our scooters this weekend!

Outfit details:

American Apparel floral top via Postcards From
Forever 21 dress
ModCloth Rat-a-Tat hat
Forever 21 floral heels via Blonde Bedhead