Sundial at sunset

Phew! I'm back to my regular outfit posting! I can't believe I haven't taken real outfit shots since early July. Do I look any different? Okay, yeah, I have curly hair! It has been so hot here with high humidity. Blowdrying is a living nightmare. Plus with swimming in Lake Michigan with friends over the weekend, I just let it go. It's been a super fun summer though! Summers in Michigan can't be beat.

We scooted down to the Grand Haven sundial tonight to grab some quick photos! I always love the rivers embedded in the entrance area to the musical fountain. We grabbed some ice-cream (I got non-fat frozen yogurt, trying to be good!) and went and played on the playground for a bit. I spun Brett super fast on this disc thing and I was cracking up so hard. He got off, with his hat sideways and walked away stumbling. Haha! Love that kid.

I absolutely love this lace top from andwhatelseisthere. I've been wearing it a lot lately, especially with floral skirts. I've been really wanting to try just wearing a bra underneath like a lot of bloggers are doing lately, but I just feel so riskay. Okay, I've gotten made fun of before for saying riskay. I say it on purpose. It's funny. Read definition number two at Urban Dictionary. Bite me.

In other news, I wanted to announce that I'm part of the Lucky Style Collective! I've been so excited about it for months and have been working away at a few different things for it. I can't wait to tell you guys about something super fun coming up with Lucky! Be sure to check it out and the other bloggers involved. I'm super lucky (get it? get it? aha!) to be working with such amazing ladies!

Outfit details:

Lace top c/o andwhatelseisthere
Forever 21 lace shorts
Jeffrey Campbell Lita