Coast Guard City

Last night, I headed downtown to set out a blanket for fireworks. The streets are lined with carnival rides, games and food. Ships sail into town for tours and we have the best fireworks display for the Coast Guard Festival! The locals head out a day early and set their blankets out on the grass. Neat, right?

I caught the most beautiful sunset when I was down there. It only lasted for about 15 minutes and was gone but it was so amazing! I grabbed some ice-cream, walked around the carnival and sat out on my blanket for a while watching the musical fountain. Ugh, I just adore summer.

I didn't even plan it, but this dress actually goes very well with the sky! I received it from Jupe Boutique and it's a perfect go-to summer dress. It almost looks like a floral pattern, but it's more like bursts of color! Almost like a fun painting or something!

Tomorrow is the big grand parade that goes right past my apartment! I have a BBQ in the front yard with lots of friends and family coming. Our downstairs neighbors also have people and it's just a huge party. Then we all hang out for the day until the big fireworks extravaganza tomorrow night! Eee!

Outfit details:

Tulle Color Burst dress c/o Jupe Boutique
Francesca's Collections belt
Seychelles Hawk Wedges in whiskey