Fallasburg Village

Last weekend, I headed out to Fallasburg Village! For my birthday, I received an amazing book full of Michigan day-trips and weekend excursions. Plus a huge mounted map of Michigan so I can put pins in all of the places I've explored! I was perusing the book and came across a "ghost town" just fifteen minutes outside the city, so I had to check it out!

I explored the Fallasburg Covered Bridge and just east of the bridge is the historic village! I was expecting to come out on the other side of the bridge and see abandoned homes, wreckage, lawns overgrown, but apparently some people still live in a couple of the houses! They have opened the schoolhouse and two other homes as museum sites. The village really does retain much of the rural charm it must have had almost two hundred years ago though!

My favorite weekend summer outfit... a loose fitting t-shirt, a longer length skirt and a pair of comfy flats! We've had hot weather lately and sometimes it's just exhausting to dress up in the heat. When I was exploring the village, I found this rope tied to a tree which, of course, kept me entertained for a while. I really can't describe my personality. On one hand, I'm an old lady that goes on lighthouse tours... on the other hand, I'm so easily amused by little kid things (like a rope dangling from a tree). Best of both worlds, perhaps?

I'm going to highlight every place I've explored in this book, so hopefully at some point in my life, the entire book is highlighted. Wouldn't that be neat? Thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes. I can't believe I didn't do a post to celebrate, but I've just been so swamped lately. Summer is such a busy time. I can't believe it's already August.

Outfit details:

Forever 21 floral skirt
Forever 21 black tunic
Urban Outfitters flats
Beyond Love belt c/o Le Mode Accessories