Fashions Night Out

Thursday night, Andrea and I got ready for Fashions Night Out! We even did a guest post over at the ModCloth blog on getting ready for FNO! It looked like it was almost on the verge of raining all night, but thankfully the rain held off. We had plans to see a presentation at Lincoln Center, but we accidentally switched up our days and the presentation was actually the next day. It was so fun to be over in that area though and to see all of the fashion week signage!

After that, we grabbed a cab over to Soho area to see Keiko from Keiko Lynn at the Elie Tahari event. It was so great to see her and Kim from Eat Sleep Wear and catch up for a little bit! I also loved meeting Christine from My Style Pill (finally!)

After the event, we walked around for a little bit to see what else was happening. I'm really glad I wore flats for walking around because other wise my feet would have died. I learned the hard way last year! We ended up in Chinatown area and were like... hmm... maybe we should grab a cab. Haha! I grabbed some late night diner food and scarfed it back in the hotel. Food was a huge hit or miss during fashion week. Some days you were so rushed - you just didn't have time to eat!

I wanted to feel comfortable, but still have a little bit of a risky look for my style! That's why I love this amazing top. I wore it over at my guest post on Julie from Orchid Grey's blog and loved how that outfit came out... so I decided to try a more flowy, floral skirt this time. It was fun. Plus, nobody in New York looks at you crazy for a bare midriff!

Outfit details:

Vintage lace top c/o andwhatelseisthere
Forever 21 floral skirt
Sibling flats in Big Sis c/o ModCloth
Compass Rose necklace c/o ModCloth