Bond Falls

I read about Bond Falls in one of my Michigan travel books and knew I had to check it out. It was about an hour outside of the town I was staying in, so I drove out quite a ways! I pulled onto the little side road, parked and started walking the trail to the falls. It was crazy because nobody was around. It was so desolate! I was out on this long, back road... in this back parking lot with no one around. Kind of creepy, actually!

The falls were so worth it though. They were so beautiful. It's said that Bond Falls is one of Michigan's prettiest waterfalls and I'd have to agree! There were so many levels where the water would fall. Plus, you could climb up these really steep stairs and see it from tons of different views. I loved it. I really want to go back in late summer now so I can walk around in them. It looked like it would be really easy to!

I felt like plaid was the perfect type of clothing to wear on an upper peninsula trip. Right? Paired over a warmer sweater dress, I felt very 'up north'. Of course, I had to wear a rain jacket for most of this day because it was cold and wet! I spent a while exploring the falls, but snuck out early because I was so creeped at how 'alone' I was up there! Plus, there are black bears in the U.P. and I kept thinking one would sneak out and say hello and I didn't feel like saying hello to a bear in the wild on this trip! Maybe next time... ;)

Outfit details:

Pumpkin spice sweater dress c/o Shop Ruche
Brawny beauty plaid c/o ThreadSence
Francesca's Collections belt
Sweater tights from T.J. Maxx
Vintage Crown boots from DSW