Overlooked Falls

During my trip to the upper peninsula, I took a long drive through the Porcupine Mountains right around sunset. It was so pretty and nothing but autumn colors and nature for miles. I stopped off to Summit Peak and hiked up to see the view and decided to keep driving looking for waterfalls. I came across Overlooked Falls and was pleasantly surprised! It was a smaller one, but so lovely to see! Sometimes the overlooked things are the best.

Earlier in the day, I had explored a copper mine for three hours underground! I had a hard hat with  a light, saw hundreds of bats and repelled 80 feet down into the second portion of the mine. It was so much fun, definitely one of the highlights of my trip. So, I was in jeans and a warm sweater since it was 43 degrees underground. Right after the mine, I headed straight to the park!

When I was walking the trail and looking at the waterfall, I was like... this scene is straight out of a wilderness magazine! It was surreal almost! I wish we had more waterfalls closer to us in the lower peninsula. They are just so relaxing to sit by and they make a pretty photo!

I have one more post on my trip to the upper peninsula and I'll be done! There were so many more places I wanted to take photos of and blog about, but again... it just gives me an excuse to go back! And I'd love to more often. The upper peninsula is definitely one of my favorite places ever.

Outfit details:

Thrifted sweater
Gap jeggings
T.J. Maxx green jacket
T.J. Maxx circle scarf
Jeffrey Campbell boots