Autumn Christmas

Okay, I'm back with one more outfit post for 2011! I said my last one was it for the year, but I ended up really liking this outfit. So, Brett and I ran out to take some pictures on Christmas Eve. We finished up some Christmas shopping downtown, watched movies at home and then headed out for dinner with my family. It's been a fun and relaxing holiday weekend! And now it's a short work week... wee!

I'm in love with this weather. I know that's so terrible... because you're supposed to want a white Christmas. But this has been such an amazing break from Michigan's horrible winters. I just hope this doesn't mean that winter is going to last until May or something crazy. That would be no fun! But for now, I'll just enjoy this rare extended autumn!

What did you guys get for Christmas? I received a new tripod, remote for my Canon, clothes, popcorn machine... and Brett and I bought ourselves a new TV! I'm excited. It's insane how light the new one is. Our old one was huge and so heavy. It took both of us struggling to get it out of the TV stand. We also watched a movie in HD on it tonight and it was so awesome!

I've been wearing my hair in buns like crazy since watching Veronika's messy bun tutorial! I love it and it's super easy. An elastic band, some bobby pins, five minutes... and you're done. Now I'm crazy distracted by Family Guy and keep looking at Brett and giggling, so I'll wrap up here. Have a great week... and I hope you enjoy my upcoming recap posts of 2011!

Outfit details:

Love Ballad top c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 shorts
Anthropologie scarf
LuLu*s oxford heels