A holiday look

Oh my goodness, I just went and laid down in bed for five minutes and was like, "Man... I should really finish this blog post." So here I am with crazy tired eyes. What a week so far! I've been so busy the past week at work, with the blog, in life in general! My inbox is insane right now and I was just caught up too. Boooooooo. At least most of our holiday shopping is done with and I just need to crank out some wrapping this weekend.

This is what I wore to my work holiday party. I tried on a hundred different outfits and realized I just wanted to be comfortable, yet still 'dressed up' feeling. Our party was on a Sunday night and usually Sunday nights, I'm in my comfiest jammies curled up on the couch! I had a ton of fun though. The food is always delicious and our white elephant exchange was too funny. I ended up with a tiki tissue box cover!

Are you guys ready for the holidays? I totes am. Long weekend? Yussssss. Bring it onnnnnn. Can you guys tell I'm totally zonked or what? I think I'll end conversation here. See you guys tomorrow. I'm announcing 12 days of giveaways winners, so go ahead and enter tonight if your little heart desires. I'll take entries until tomorrow sometime when I close the post! Night!

Outfit details:

Duffy coat c/o Element
English Muse lace dress c/o Ruche
Target tights
Steve Madden Westii wedges c/o Shop It To Me
Crafty Companion Ring c/o ModCloth