Urban alley

I've been trying to be more on top of taking photos and getting updates on the blog lately. I still haven't adjusted to daylight savings yet (how long ago was that?!) Brett met me at work before I was even out and snapped some photos really quick. It was 4:30pm when we took these and as soon as we were done, it was pitch black outside. What the heck! Is spring here yet? I guess I can't complain though. Outside with no jacket in mid-December. What a luxury.

Today was probably the best day of my life. No, but seriously, I had a really good day. Work was so much fun (laughing to the point of tears fun), the weather is amazing, I liked my outfit and my hair up, I had a really good band practice with the boys and here I am... updating my blog for a Friday post. I'm finally feeling on top of it lately and it feels amazing! Emails are under control, priorities are straight. As soon as I start training for my spring 5k, I'll feel even better!

Mixing patterns has been one of my long-time loves. Especially stripes and florals. So with that said, this outfit was a no-brainer. It's surprisingly one I haven't put together before! Sometimes I try to match my outfits to my locations too much and my style can look the same quite often in our town. That's why I love taking photos in the city because I tend to dress a little more urban and incorporate a bit more "grunge" into my outfits. Hopefully we can continue to take some right after work, so I have more of this style in my outfit posts!

What are you guys up to this weekend? I'm hoping to catch a movie, do a ton of Christmas shopping, go see a raunchy burlesque show with friends and play catch up on cleaning and laundry. I can't believe Christmas is so soon! I have so much to do still before the big weekend. I'm excited for some time off though + for the new year to begin! I definitely need to finish that 2012 resolutions list, but I also need to write down everything I loved and accomplished in 2011. It's good to look forward, but important to reflect too! Have a great weekend!

Outfit details:

Striped top c/o Zara
Urban Outfitters floral skirt
Compass rose necklace c/o ModCloth
Target black tights
LuLu*s oxford heels