The Metaphorest Project

Whoa, unintentional outfit break there for a little while! I've had a pretty bad cold the past few days. It was a tiny little drip in my throat to a full-on body chills cold. I spent all yesterday on the couch from the time I woke up to the time I went back to bed. That is so unlike me! Usually I have to bust !@# on the weekends to get caught up on everything, but it was actually kind of nice to waste an entire day. We all need that once in a while. I just wish being sick wasn't the reason I got a full relaxing day!

I'm really excited to see how moving to the city will change my blog. I already take a lot of outfit shots in the city, so I don't think too much will change, but it will be exciting to scout out new places to tell you guys about! I was out and about on Saturday, so I stopped at this amazing mural called "The Metaphorest Project". It was part of last year's ArtPrize. The artist's name is Tracy Van Duinen. According to, this mural is a tribute to the potential building power of the arts and GR's youth. Beautiful, right?

This scarf is part of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf". It's being sent around to a group of DIY and fashion gurus. The rules are... you style up the scarf and take photos and send it on to a blogger who you deem crafty, fashionable and all-around fabulous. Before sending it off, you need to add a small and crafty decoration to the scarf. Neat, right? It was so fun to see the little personal touches already added to the scarf. I can't wait to see how all fifteen of us have styled it at the end. You can also check out (they started this project) and see all of their pretty scarves for sale!

Welp, I guess January is over. February is going to be a whirlwind month. Packing up and saying goodbye to our place here, cleaning and fixing up our new place, moving, celebrating Valentine's Day, planning for TxSC, playing two shows in my band, working hard at Selective Potential, Delightful Dozen AND staying on top of my work schedule. It's going to be a busy month, but an exciting one! Be prepped for lots of sap in February by the way. I'm going to be posting a lot on my move - it's going to be a sap fest over here.

Outfit details:

Vintage dress c/o MarMar Vintage
Scarf via
Mini cabaret bracelet c/o Motherland Vintage
Littlewings Designs yellow belt
Hue tights
ModCloth Make the Cutout heel