Rosy Mound

Rosy Mound is one of my favorite spots to take photos. It's a park in our town with an amazing trail that leads to Lake Michigan. I remember when I first started blogging, I came out here to take some photos. It was just an exciting time in my life when I started my blog and it's one of those memories that always sticks out to me. Plus, can you guys imagine me wearing this outfit now? I can't. Haha! It's funny how we grow and change and get older.

I bought this dress after seeing it on Katie from Skunkboy Creatures. I think her prettiness alone sold me on it! It just love the simplicity of the black and white, plus the peter pan collar is too cute. I can imagine mixing and matching this with all sorts of items. I'm trying to buy pieces that I know I can remix easier. Sometimes I'll buy the craziest items that I can only wear once. Ahem, this dress, which is still hanging in my closet because I love it too much but I can never find a time to wear it!

I've been feeling super productive lately. Between working, blogging and friends... I've also managed to somehow work out 3 times this week and cook a few dinners at home! This is major! Usually we're always on the go, eating out and getting home late. If you really want something, you just have to force yourself to make time. I love heading to the gym and working out lately. It's a huge stress reducer and I've also been waking up easier in the mornings. I'm excited to get back into shape, finally!

Other than that, not much is new! I'm hoping to take a weekend trip with Brett soon... just need to decide where to go this time of year. I want to get back to our monthly trips in Michigan. They are just too fun, even if it's just a day trip. Along with planning for Texas in March, I'm also in the works of planning a Michigan swap/blogger meet-up for April! I'm too excited for spring already!

Outfit details:

Shop Ruche Swan Lake Collared dress
Flurry Up top c/o ModCloth
Central flats c/o Blowfish Shoes