Snow covered forest

Happy Thursday! This week has flown by. It's been freaking me out lately how fast time is going. I even googled how to slow down time and it said to be more "aware" of your surroundings. They say that kids are constantly watching what's going on around them and their perception of time is way slower. I tried it. It didn't work. The one thing I did accomplish this week though was touring an apartment I loved and most likely won't get because there is so much interest in it. Boo. Cross your fingers for me, please?

I've been trying to plan outfits ahead of time, so I'm more convinced to actually dress up in the mornings. If I don't set my clothes out, the next morning I'm freezing, tired and cranky I had to leave my warm, cozy bed... so I grab the closest pair of pants and a chunky cardigan. If I have a perfectly folded outfit complete with tights, accessories and shoes... I'm much more likely to look like a human that day. Hehe!

Hm, what else is new! I converted all of my CDs into MP3s this week. I bought a new dress from the mall. I finished laying out the trips we've already taken in my travel book. Next step is to actually go through each individual trip and brainstorm some real content (aka, the challenging part!). I'm almost done getting the new Delightful Dozen girls set up; we just have one more to vote on! And in other news, I'm officially collaborating with ModCloth for the Texas Style Council Conference! I will be a conference correspondent and ambassador for ModCloth... which means I'll be helping them with fun events/contests and will be guest blogging for them about the conference. I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with them (especially Turi) and I can't wait to post more about it!

Outfit details:

Painted ladies dress c/o ModCloth
Maccha Tea pleated skirt c/o Ruche
Forever 21 jacket
Forever 21 belt
Target boots