Road to the lake

Is this really February?! It has been so mild and we've had the most beautiful sunshine this weekend. I'm not complaining whatsoever, but it's just a crazy change from last year's weather. I feel stuck in between autumn and spring (which we are, of course) but everybody is calling this the "winter that never came". Since I'm so used to dressing to my surroundings, I never know what to wear. So... I'll just dress spring!

This weekend was really enjoyable. I was able to see lots of friends, Brett and I built a cable-spool library table (thanks pinterest!), we got caught up on cleaning and laundry and had time to relax. I can't believe this is our last month in our apartment and in this town. I started my blog when we first moved here! I'm already feeling nostalgic, especially as our landlord shows our place to interested tenants. It's such a weird feeling knowing we won't be here for another summer.

Well... the next few weeks are going to get crazy! I need to work my butt off to make sure I have time for work, the blog, moving, packing, cleaning, planning for Texas and everything else I have going on. I'm actually really looking forward to it. It's going to be busy... but very exciting. I can't wait to start posting pictures of our new place! Before that though, I need to figure out what Brett and I are doing for Valentine's Day. Hmm!

Outfit details:

Nicola Chiffon blouse c/o Ruche
Forever 21 shorts
Urban Outfitters belt
ModCloth Madame Bovery ring
Talking Picture flat c/o ModCloth