New beginnings

Phew, finally! A new outfit post... in our new city! I've been so crazy this week with work, unpacking, painting, cleaning and organizing, so comfort is key right now. I finally finished my closet last night though and was able to put my shoes away and hang some things up! What an amazing feeling to have a closet that doesn't consist of boxes and garbage bags. I can't wait until we're finally done unpacking. I'm going to feel like a million bucks! Then I can really start on redecorating our place.

Can you guys believe I head to Texas next week?! I'm so ready to experience just a couple of days of warmth and sunshine. It's been so gray and cold here in Michigan! We spent the first night in our new apartment with no heat or electricity... and it was brutal! I'm so ready for spring. I already started planning some fun things for the season too! Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons for blogging! Nature just makes it so easy to be fresh and creative.

Hopefully now I'll be back in a normal routine with blogging... and with Texas Style Council Conference next week, I'll have so many fun posts and outfits from that weekend. I can't wait to share my trip with you guys! Thanks for all of your lovely comments and for staying in touch on Facebook and Twitter!

Outfit details:

Forever 21 top
Floral Twirl Dress c/o Chloe Loves Charlie
Target tights
Thrifted belt
Loxley Mary Jane wedges c/o Ruche