Ron's Auto

Haha! Never on Selective Potential would I thought I'd have a post titled, "Ron's Auto". As much as I plan my posts out, sometimes Brett and I just run out and find the closest spot to snap some pictures. Today, you get Ron's. We were laughing because I didn't at all plan that my top would match this wall. It's just second nature to match my surroundings now, I guess!

Holy moly, it has taken me a million hours to get this far in this post. I'm not a fan of new Blogger! Ew, ew, ew. I've put it off and now it's being forced upon me. I'm such a creature of habit and have a hard time with change. As most of you know (who follow me on Twitter) I'm having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to living here! I miss our small town and keep reliving the memories we've had there in my head over and over. I know life is great here and will get better, but I'm still adjusting and it's tough!

Other than that though, life is pretty peachy. Get it, peachy? Anyway, it's April! How exciting. That means snow (knocks on wood) is behind us and we're moving onto April showers and... summer (since we've already gotten our May flowers)! Plans for April... hmm... lots of Circle Maybe shows, Easter, my Dad's birthday, hopefully lots of use of my new umbrella and beating Earthbound (A Super Nintendo game from 1994 that I beat every spring, it's tradition, it's my favorite video game ever.)

It's a little funny how I run a style blog and never really talk about my outfits. This outfit kind of embodies everything I like right now. Top knots, ankle jeans, sheer tops, bandeaus, big glasses, floral wedges and giant rings. Hyup! I love spring style!

Outfit details:

Forever 21 top
Gap jeans
Francesca's Collections lace bandeau
Forever 21 ring
Urban Outfitters glasses
Fine furnishings wedge c/o ModCloth