Go Try It On

So if you know me in person, you know I'm constantly glued to my iPhone. But I just love being connected with all of my readers and staying up-to-date with my favorite bloggers and what's happening in fashion. That's why a new app I'm partnering with, Go Try It On, is going to make that process so much easier. With the app, you can post photos of your style on-the-go, get creative with frames and filters, discover style inspiration and shop products and share with your friends. I love shopping alone, but sometimes it's nice to have a second opinion. That's where Go Try It On comes in handy. Post a photo, get opinions from your friends and decide to buy or not. You'll never shop "alone" again!

Be sure to try GTIO for yourself here (it's a free app!) and join me (username is Selective Potential) in discovering the social side of style!