Tracks on the water

The golden light, the subtle warm breeze, temperatures in their 60s, wearing cardigans yet riding with the windows down... ah yes, autumn is finally here. I couldn't be more excited. The only things I've accomplished from my bucket list so far are... wear flannel and watch the entire Back to the Future trilogy (that was a lazy Sunday!) But it's supposed to be perfect outside this entire week and I have lots of fall plans for this upcoming weekend! I'm hoping to knock out a fourth of the list in one amazing day!

Hm, not much else is really new besides the fact that I adore autumn and it's my favorite time of year. Work is great. I'm having fun with friends. Eric is wonderful. My apartment is a mess. But, I'm finally back into the idea of fixing up and decorating my place. I've been going Pinterest crazy and have an entire IKEA wishlist of items I want. My biggest priorities are to fix up the entryway and dining room. I'd love to have people over for dinners and movies, but it's just so impossible right now. Finishing this apartment is definitely a winter goal of mine. Then spring... puppy time?!

When I originally planned this outfit, I wanted to take pictures somewhere deep in a forest. It's probably just because ModCloth always tricks me with their clever titles for clothing items. Hah! But Eric brought me to these railroad tracks a few months ago and I loved it, so I was happy to come back with him! amykathryn sent me this gorgeous Jasmine Sienna bag. The colors are so perfectly autumn and I love how organized I can be with all of the zippers and pockets!

Outfit details:

Forest Fete tunic c/o ModCloth
Aldo tights
Jasmine Sienna bag c/o amykathryn
Seychelles Hawk wedges