The corn stalks

This past weekend was beautiful! Sunday was 70 degrees, sunshine and windy. I was in serious heaven. Eric and I headed out for a little trip to our apple orchard. We took a stroll on the trail, let Winny go nuts and grabbed some cider and warm donuts. I absolutely don't want autumn to end. As excited as I am for the holidays, this season just goes too quickly. I never even got a chance to carve pumpkins and roast seeds this year. Plus, trying to potty-train Winny in the cold is the worst. I can tell she isn't a fan either, because she quickly goes and then we both run back inside into the warmth. Haha!

Winny has been insane! I keep wondering where did my calm little baby go? Haha! She's gained two pounds in just a few weeks, she's getting taller and crazier by the minute. I feel so guilty, like I just don't have enough energy to keep her entertained. She goes through her rawhide sticks so fast, chows down a bowl of food in seconds and pees on the floor when I'm looking away for two seconds. And all of a sudden, she decided to hate her leash and walking and now started barking at every single passerby we walk past. Haha! Puppy training class, here we come...

But really... life is so unexpected sometimes. I never thought a year ago that I'd be raising this pup, with someone new that I love, living in a new place, in the city. You know? I think one of the reasons I want to hang onto every second of autumn is because I'm honestly a little scared for the holidays. It's just been a life-changing six months. Honestly though, I am happy. It's definitely a work-in-progress with some rough spots, but I'm truly getting there. But the holidays will definitely bring back memories and I'll miss old traditions. But I'll also be a part of new traditions and be making new memories and I'm excited for that. I need to be thankful for everything I have in my life. As hard as things are sometimes, I'm truly blessed and I need to remember that.

While I'm on the topic of personal and life changing things, I might as well just say Eric and I moved in together. We have roommates right now that are moving into the apartment next door this upcoming weekend and so it'll just be us, and Winny. Everyone that knows us really well has known for a while, so it doesn't feel like a huge deal at all anymore, but one that I haven't really talked about on the blog. So there's that news! I'm so excited to finally start fixing up the apartment. I have a huge IKEA trip planned for next weekend and a cleaning service coming in to clean the entire place which I'm so excited for. I'll definitely do some blog posts on the place when we're done. I've been buying and collecting stuff for a while that I haven't put out yet and I'm so ready to finally settle in here!

Outfit details:
Forever 21 jacket
Target tights