Middle of the fields

I think I'm going to have to start accepting the fact that December no longer has snow in Michigan. Seriously! For the past two years, it's looked like autumn all the way through Christmas. We've had a few flurries, but nothing has stuck. It's been such a bummer! I don't even feel like Christmas is a few weeks away. I haven't been shopping for anyone yet. Oh well, looks like next weekend is going to be a flurry of holiday shopping! That's sometimes fun though. I like spending a whole day just knocking out a bunch of gifts!

This past weekend, Eric and I went to my work holiday party and then headed out to Holland so he could play a show with Wallace Collective. It was a super fun night. I loved getting all dressed up and spending the night with colleagues and friends. On Saturday night, Eric and I headed to The Winchester and just sat at the bar ordering the craziest drinks and eating polenta fries. I had so much fun. Eric's favorite concoction he was tried was a White Threesome (Baileys, Kahlua, Southern Comfort and milk) and my personal favorite was the Midori Cooler (Malibu Rum, Midori, 7-Up, cream, orange juice and pineapple juice). Yum!

I love when I find an outfit on a fellow blogger that I love and can totally recreate with pieces already in my closet. After reading Elsie and Emma's sister style post, I couldn't wait to try Elsie's outfit! I love mixing patterns; stripes and plaid are two of my favorites. I actually seem to remix this top with a lot of patterns. I've been fading out my autumn wardrobe and putting it away and bringing out more winter pieces. This winter, I'm looking to try more pastels (usually I shy away from those for some reason) and lots of grays and blues. We just need some snow!

So these pictures turned out a lot more clear than my last set! We switched to my 50mm lens, so I'm going to try and take my other lens to the shop to see if they can clean it up and put a filter on it. I'm not sure if that's the problem, but we'll see. One investment I really need to make is in getting more lenses; they make such a difference! So I'm excited to try and experiment more with photography this winter. I'd love to do a class or workshop too, so if anyone knows of anything in the Grand Rapids area, let me know! 

Outfit details:
Forever 21 skirt
Target flannel
Target tights
Regal boots c/o Wanted