January in Instagram

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This has been a really productive month! It's not my favorite month of the year. It's always freezing and it feels like it lasts forever. January definitely lived up to both of those, but I feel like I got into a good routine for the new year. I started WW at the beginning of the month, so I completed my first full month. I also accomplished one of my new year's resolutions of paying off an auto loan, so that was really exciting! My biggest goals for the year were to lose my weight, to get financially on track, and ready to buy a house next year. I'm feeling really confident after this month that I can do both. Eric and I also had a lot of fun this month with friends, at shows, dancing, staying in watching movies and enjoying the calm of winter.

  • I've been cooking at home a lot more often! This chicken, broccoli and rice dish is one of my favorite Weight Watchers recipes.
  • Eric and I having a low-key Saturday night in, playing music, and entertaining Winny.
  • We sat down to a Sunday coffee date at the gardens.
  • I've been doing really well accomplishing my goals and getting on track!
  • Eric and I had a lot of fun dancing at a country bar.
  • Winter can be really beautiful.
  • I posted a little peek at our entryway. The apartment is coming along slowly!
  • Winny is getting bigger and started puppy training!
  • And I've been eating a lot healthier this month. I'm really proud of myself.

I'm definitely ready for a new month though. February is shaping up to look amazing. I have some really fun blog posts planned, a trip to New York for fashion week, a huge week planned for Valentine's Day and another few new year's resolutions checked off the list. Wish me luck! Plus, when the month is done... we'll be onto March, which is technically spring! xo