Hello, spring

I've decided I was going to officially believe it was spring when this giant ice chunk melted in our backyard. Well, guess what guys? Happy spring! It's actually not warm here though. At all. But according to the ice chunk, it's a new season. Eric and I took a walk to grab some lunch and were cursing at the brutal wind coming at us. We've walked everywhere this weekend. Granted we were forced to, as my car is still in the shop, but it was fun. Thank goodness for close places like Marie Catribs, Gaia Cafe, Cherry Deli, Brick Road Pizza and The Winchester to pull us through. You can't complain when you live within walking distance of all those places!

I officially hit one month of not biting my nails! I celebrated with a manicure on Friday night... and it turned out to be the worst experience. It's my own fault for going to a beauty school, but it's just so close and convenient. But I got a junior student that didn't know what she was doing. She stared at her book the whole time, and kept having to ask people what to do. I mean I totally understand you're a student, but at least pretend like you know what you're doing! But yeah, I was there for over 2 hours, paid $24 for something I could have done better at home by myself. And I had to repaint them the next day to what I have here. Ah! I need a celebratory redo. I think next time I'll try a gel manicure at a real salon. I've never had one of those before!

Other than my manicure mishap, we haven't done much this weekend. Winny was spayed on Thursday, so she was super sleepy and tired all weekend. I've felt so bad for her. But she ate a bit more today, so that's good. I'll be happy when she's back to her crazy self. We met up with some friends for drinks, watched a game on Saturday night and ate the best polenta fries and pierogies ever. Today, I started my spring cleaning week. I decided I'm going to do one room every day this week. It's too hard to tackle the entire place in one day, especially when I'm moving furniture and scrubbing. It's exhausting! But it sure does feel good to sleep in a clean room, with freshly washed bedding. Best feeling ever!

Also! I don't know if I mentioned it here on the blog yet, but I'm going to be speaking at the Blog Better Boston Summit! I'm so thrilled. Julie of Orchid Grey is also attending and I can't wait to see her. It's been too long! But yeah, it's the last weekend of April and I'll be flying out there for the entire weekend. I can't wait to share more details, but let me know if you are attending. I've also never been to Boston, so if you have any tips of things to see, let me know. It's going to be a busy month but I'm really excited! Plus my friend Eleanor from Bonjour Bbydoll is coming to stay with me for a month and it's going to be so insanely fun. Cannot wait!

Outfit details:
Keep It Mauve-in Top c/o ModCloth
Ladies Luncheon Blouse c/o Ruche
Vintage watch
Pilgrim Floral Ring c/o Lilac Bijoux
Forever 21 necklace
Urban Outfitters Basketweave Skimmers