May in Instagram

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May was honestly a great month, my favorite month so far this year. We had Eleanor visit us from New Zealand, which was so fun. We took a few trips west to see lighthouses, visit a carnival, eat the best food, show Eleanor around, and spend time outside. We spent a ton of quality time with good friends (and some new friends)! We were able to enjoy time with our families, and get through a surgery on a good ending with Eric's sister. We enjoyed cold weather + perfect hot weather (gotta love Michigan Mays). I got majorly caught up this month, including launching my new blog design finally and getting back on track with regular outfit posting. All in all, honestly, a great month. Recap of my photos...

  • My spring uniform has been floral skirts and my denim jacket. Love this combo.
  • Eric and I hanging out in Holland for Tulip Time Festival.
  • It was awesome having Eleanor here this month.
  • Eric, of course, had to get two Pronto Pups while in GH. Yum!
  • And one of my favorite spots in that little beach town.
  • Winny had an exciting month with lots of road trips and a birthday party!
  • We went to a bon fire at Kayley's house, and spent time with amazing friends.
  • One of my favorites, sitting outside listening to Eric play with Wallace Collective.
  • And Eric and I at Wealthy Market. Kind of a special place for us, oddly. ;)

Unfortunately, we just received the worst news yesterday, that we have 30 days to move out of our apartment. It came as a total unexpected shock, as our landlord was just asking us to sign another year lease just a few weeks ago. We just finished getting enough furniture to fill the place, and finally hung some frames on the wall, and now it's time to move out. I was in the process of saving to purchase my own home in a year or so, so this just totally throws off my plans. But honestly, I have to remember that everything in my life has happened for a reason (I truly believe this) and this is just another one of those situations. We'll find a better place, and I'll still buy a house in a couple of years. I just hate renting. This next place is going to be my fourteenth place I've lived in throughout my life and I'm so tired of going from place to place to place. The next time I move (after this one), will hopefully be my last for a long time. So yeah, June is going to be a bit insane. We're frantically looking for new places to live (so if you know of any leads, let us know) and we'll be moving by July 1st. I'll keep you updated and thanks to everyone who has sent notes + support. It means a lot! We're just super thankful for the good people in our life right now (especially me). At least I get to still live with Eric, and Winny. That's pretty much all I care about.