The cherry fields

It feels like full-blown summer right now, and I'm totally in love. I've been having so much fun. Eric and I went out tubing with my best friend recently and it was the best day ever. I laughed so hard on that tube, and recapping our falls. This past weekend, Eric and I went out to Muskegon for a motorcycle festival with my family and sang our hearts out to Boston and danced with hula hoops at some insanely ridiculous club. Saturday, we dove into Lake Michigan, laid on the beach, ate ice-cream and watched a movie on the couch with Nantucket pizza in our bellies. Seriously - it's been perfect. I'm going to turn 27 in a week with a smile on my face and go into it with the highest hopes that this will be the best year yet.

I'm also learning to let go a little bit. Our apartment is slowly coming together and I'm okay with that. Usually I'd be freaking out about every little thing that hasn't been put away yet, but who cares. This place is amazing and it'll get there eventually. We're too busy having fun right now. Also this post? I was supposed to do a U-Pick Cherries post, but all of the cherries are picked for summer in Michigan and we could only find this apple orchard. I'm still calling the post "The cherry fields". It was close enough to one anyway, I'm sure. ;) I've stopped obsessing over every little thing I'm "doing wrong" and instead focusing on the things I'm doing right. It's freeing, and is honestly helping me accomplish more than I was before.

I've been dressing pretty simple lately. I wear what I'm mostly comfortable in. Jean shorts, tanks, cotton dresses, hair up. I used to obsess over not swimming in Lake Michigan because I didn't want to straighten my hair every time afterwards. This summer? Dive in, hair in messy bun for the next three days. I'm actually a little worried about my lack of style lately for the upcoming TxSC. I know girls are crazily planning their outfits and I haven't even thought about it yet. Haha! Oh well. I'll show up in something, I suppose. ;)