Minnesota: Part Two

Here's my second outfit post from Minnesota! I wore this mostly in the car the entire ride home. We left bright and early after our night in Walker back to Grand Rapids. 13 hours straight in the car is a little rough! But somehow I fell asleep in Wisconsin and woke up about 20 minutes away from home. I missed Chicagoland, Indiana, and most of Michigan. I can pretty much sleep through anything!

Michigan is finally starting to look a lot like Minnesota did when we were there. I'm just in love with this season. It's not just the beauty outside, the changing colors, or the autumn activities. There's just a general atmosphere associated with autumn that I love so much. It's inspiring not just with fashion/clothes, but with life in general. Autumn always felt like a fresh start to me. It must be the new "school year" mentality embedded in my mind. ;)

I have a lot of great posts coming this week! Eric and I went pumpkin picking, we explored a really weird barn and took photos with our good friend, Tifani of Tifani Lyn Photography at an apple orchard. I'm really excited to share; she's an amazing photographer. Unfortunately there is snow in our forecast this week... ugh. I really hope that doesn't really happen. I always hate getting snow anytime before December! But, at least I have posts lined up! See you guys tomorrow! xo