October in Instagram

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This has been one busy month. It was so much fun though! October always flies by, so I know to expect that… but looking back on it, I realized just how busy we really were. We spent the first two weekends traveling out of state to Saint Louis and Minnesota. The last few weekends were spent catching up from those two weekends. ;) But no really, we were quite productive and had a lot of fun this month. We had beautiful autumn colors here in Michigan too. I'm always sad to say goodbye, but I'm also looking forward to the "calm" of November.

Every single one of those event started with a "we" and I realized how much time Eric and I really do spend together. He's my wingman! And I'm his winglady! I love that we have shared interests and work on (and support) each other's projects. I couldn't do half of what I do without him. In November, I have some amazing holiday collaborations coming up with Frances Jaye and Lucky Magazine + Fossil. I'm hosting a great weekend for a couple of local Michigan bloggers (more details to come!) and I have a lot of great giveaways lined up. I'm excited! Stay tuned! ;)