On the prairie farm

Typically I have all of my posts planned out, the locations, the exact things I'm going to wear to those locations, all documented in my calendar before taking any photos. Being a full-time working gal, it's just easier that way. That way I don't have to spend time scouring the city for good photo locations or try to come up with an idea last minute and find out it's dark outside before any of that happens. This outfit was meant to be at the chain of lakes in the great northwest of Michigan, but since we didn't get to make that trip this weekend... here we are after spotting a very random (and weird) barn while driving around town.

It was actually kind of creepy! Don't worry, my spooky posts aren't until next week. ;) But Eric and I totally had an eerie vibe running out to this field from the side of the road. We couldn't exactly make out what the barn said, and there was smoke coming from the inside like someone was having a fire. Half of this barn was completely burned down, and the remains of it are so strange! Weird paintings on the side, the name "Injun Prairie Farm" which is a slang/racial slur for Native Americans. It's like... who in the heck lived or lives here? And when was this barn built? Such a mystery!

I've been really, really busy with the blog lately. I've probably been more busy these past few weeks than I have been all year! I think that just comes with autumn and the holiday season of shopping, but things are going well. I have a few upcoming collaborations that I'm excited to share. I'm working on the second portion of my Fossil and Lucky Magazine feature to style up a few of my favorite holiday picks. I'm going to be working with local boutique, Frances Jaye, in November to style up four different holiday looks and host an event at their store in Holland, Michigan! I'll keep you guys updated with everything going on, but I feel like I'm going to end this year with a bang!