Arctic blast

What a crazy wintry week it has been! I was heading into work on Monday early (for once), dressed in a skirt, with my lunch packed, workout bag in tow, when I get to the car only to find it buried in a couple feet of snow and totally stuck. So I ended up working from home that day, wrapped in a blanket ALL DAY long. It wasn't until Eric got home after work that we dug it out, and with a friendly neighbor's help, we finally got it out. It's been chaos driving to work all week. I cannot believe how much snow we have right now!

Once the temperatures hit the single and negative digits, I was like… nope, no photos. (These were taken last week.) I've been mostly wearing jeans, these earmuffs with another hat over them, a huge circle scarf, super thick gloves and my giant parka of a coat. I'm definitely staying warm though! But I also have no desire to take photos with the weather we've been having lately. This blog isn't my job; it's supposed to be fun. And that's just not fun!

Other than the polar vortex going on, not much else is new. I've been really excited about my personal life lately. We just wrapped up a huge project at work that I was a lead designer on. I signed up for a spring 10K (my first 10K!) and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been cooking my way through a new recipe book and I'll happily say 3 out of 4 recipes so far have turned out (and I'm not a cook!). So yeah, life is good. :)

Outfit details:

AE High-Rise Skinny Jeans
Thrifted plaid
Earmuffs (gift from Eric)
Levi's Parka ℅ HauteLook
Target socks
Old Navy booties (similar)