Living room tour

You asked, you shall receive! Here is the first room tour in our new apartment (new since July at least). I also just wanted to say I really did appreciate everyone's responses on my reader survey. I had over 300 responses, and 99% of them were really kind, thoughtful, and well-said. I took them all into a lot of consideration and am definitely going to gear my blog content toward comments I received. That includes a lot more personal life stuff, home decor, travels and of course, more outfits! It's all stuff I'd be way more interested in blogging about, but never really thought anyone else would be interested in. A few of you mentioned loving my past apartment tours, so I thought I'd pick up the series again now that the holiday stuff is gone and we're finally feeling settled here. It only took 6 months. Not bad, right?! ;)

We live in one of the largest urban historic districts in the United States. The houses in our neighborhood are insanely beautiful, and pretty much all mansions. A lot of them are split into apartments now. Our house has two apartments, and four levels. We are on the main level, we have upstairs neighbors (they have an attic with a spiral staircase) and we share the basement (where Eric has his entire music studio). This house is so quaint. I don't know the exact date it was built, but I'm guessing it was around 1908. We are just a few blocks away from an original Frank Lloyd Wright house!

When it comes to home decor, I love to surround myself with things that make me happy. Patterns, fun colors, photographs of amazing memories, books, meaningful furniture. And it has to be cozy. Eric and I spend a lot of time here during the evening eating dinner on the couch, watching movies, playing guitar, working on the computer, and spending time with friends (and Winny!) This room obviously isn't perfect, but for being a renter on a limited budget - I'm pretty content right now. It's my goal this year to purchase a new couch and love seat. Our current couch is so old. I'm glad we had this couch for Winny as a puppy to tear up, but I'm definitely ready for something new there.

This gallery wall was a pretty big project - buying the frames, printing photos, finding unique and meaningful artwork, hanging it all up. But I absolutely love it. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of how blessed I am to have traveled as much as I have, to live in the town and state I do, to have the friends and family I do. Our gallery wall is constantly growing. I just added a piece my best friend made me for Christmas of one of my favorite lighthouses. My parents also just got me another lighthouse print that I need to make room for. I just need a bigger wall now!

The living room is definitely my favorite room in the house. It's connected to the entryway, where I have a mini office too. I'll do a different post on that room, and hopefully the bedroom soon too! Maybe I'll have Eric share his music area too - just for fun! I'll try and list anything of major interest in the bottom of this post. But if you have a burning question on where I got something, leave me a comment and I'll reply to it within this post! Thanks for reading! xo

Apartment details:

Urban Outfitters rug, yellow pillow
IKEA blanket, black/white pillow, floral pillows
Art School Dropout wood grain pillow
IKEA coffee table
Pier 1 Imports papasan chair
DIY library/side table
ModCloth horse pillows, paper lamp
Thrifted plaid blanket
Michigan wall print ℅ AEM Designs
Mason Jar Tumblers ℅ Mason Bar Company

Carefree for the Day Top ℅ ModCloth (favorite tee ever!)