Red in winter

Phew, halfway through January. Is everyone else so over winter like I am? Granted, I still need these next few months to work on some major goals… but I'm definitely excited for spring. This new year has been really good to me so far though. The biggest thing for me is just to keep going. Sometimes I get uninspired around the middle of February, and I just need to figure out ways to keep myself motivated. I wrote down some rewards as I hit goals - like a massage, hair color, weekend trip, shopping spree, whatever. It's good to treat yourself for hitting big milestones, I think!

I feel like for the past couple of months I haven't really felt "myself". I've kind of shut myself off socially, and haven't really wanted to hang out with anyone or do anything. I even thought (really hard) about shutting down my blog for the entire winter, so I could focus entirely on myself. Selfish, I know. ;) But honestly I like what I have going on right now. I'm not blogging as much as I was, so I feel like I have more balance between work, blogging, and other goals I really wanted to work on - like working out, training for a 10K, learning to cook and what not. Plus, it's been refreshing to actually spend a night with Eric on the couch watching a movie with a zeroed out to-do list and nothing else to do. It's the best feeling!

I've been turning down a lot of clothing opportunities and sponsorship collaborations lately too, which I think is helping. It's refreshing to blog because it's fun and I want to, instead of reasons why I "have" to. That's not to say I'm not going to work with sponsors I'm really passionate about though. I just took on a partnership with an athletic company at the end of the month, and I'm really excited. Going to the gym and running are favorite things ever lately, so it felt like a truly fitting collaboration. And if you see a lot of ℅ items in my posts still, it's probably things I've already accepted from years past. I keep a lot of my clothes for a long time, and I'm not going to stop wearing them just because they were gifted to me already. That's silly. But I will link to similar items if you guys are interested in shopping my outfits!

Outfit details:

Boyfriend cardigan ℅ Tulle
Zara Striped Top (similar)
Karaoke Songstress Jeans ℅ ModCloth
Wool Floppy Hat ℅ Sosie (similar)
Vintage Crown Boots via DSW (similar)