Tracks in the snow

Hi guys. Staying warm? I'm totally not. I'm freezing all the time. This Michigan winter has been brutal. I'm excited we have only two weeks left of January, because usually February gets slightly warmer. Maybe. Or, at least the days are longer. And February always feels like it goes by pretty quick. I haven't really felt inspired to wear a lot of dresses lately and freeze, so you're stuck with more jeans and flannel. Do you guys have a favorite pair of jeans though that you wear all the time? These are it for me right now. I'm obsessed! I think it's the high-waistedness that has my heart.

So, have you guys checked out ModCloth's Style Gallery yet? You can now follow profiles! So you can keep up with your favorite bloggers and shop their outfits right from the style gallery. They're also hosting a "Follow Your Faves" contest where you can win a $50 gift card! So be sure to head over to ModCloth's Style Gallery and "follow your faves" to enter to win. Winners will be randomly chosen. The contest ends on 1/27 at 7 AM PT. ModCloth will be announcing the winners! They also did a cute video promoting the feature. Be sure to follow my profile! :)

As most of you know, I signed up for a 10K in spring. Well my left shin started hurting really bad last week and was feeling really weird, tingly and numb. I read up on it and couldn't figure out if it was overuse, "too much, too soon" or a shin splint. So I took a week off from running which was so sad, but now it's been a week and it's still not feeling better. I'm going to start a 10K training program tomorrow,  but I'm a bit nervous. I might schedule a doctor's appointment soon to have it checked out, but I swear anytime I'm kicking butt on goals, something like this happens. It happened five years ago too when I lost all of my weight and got a really bad pinched nerve. I guess it's the world's way of testing me of how bad do I really want it? Well world, I want it. So I'll start again tomorrow and hopefully all is well. I bought some fancy tape and will start to ice it after running too. But if anyone has any tips or experience, let me know!

Outfit details:

Remarkable Top ℅ ModCloth
Thrifted plaid (similar)
Zenana Outfitters jacket (similar)
Karaoke Songstress Jeans ℅ ModCloth
ShoeMint Stephenie Boots