See you in March!

Hi guys! First, I want to apologize for the insane lack of updates these past couple of months. It was not planned at all, but it ended up being essential for me to accomplish some other goals I needed to do. Secondly, I will be taking a break on Selective Potential through the end of February. It boils down to… I need a couple more weeks of "me" time, and time to focus on those other goals right now. I saw this quote the other day and it just hit so close to home. I realized that it was okay for me to take a break on this part of my life, so I could focus on other things. I've made insane progress these past several weeks and I can't wait to talk all about it when I'm back to blogging again. I know I've been pretty secretive in some of my endeavors, but I think it's been helpful for me to not talk about it much. Especially publicly on the internet. Really only Eric, my best friend, and a couple of close colleagues know what I'm up to. I'm really excited to make a huge comeback on SP soon + I can't wait for you guys to be there when I do. Thank you for sticking around for so many years (or months, or days!), and being here even when I don't show up. Love you guys, and I appreciate your support so much.

Have a super happy rest of your February and I'll see you in March! Ahem, March… the month of daylight savings starting, the first day of spring and hopefully warmer temps! Take care, guys. See you soon! xo

Logistics: I will not be accepting new sponsors until March. All current sponsors have been emailed a code for a free month in March at their current size. You can still follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram! Please email me or comment on this post with any questions or concerns, and I'd be happy to chat!