Guest Post | Meijer Style

I was recently contacted by Meijer Style to collaborate with them on a spring trend. At first thought, I was like… Meijer? Most of you probably haven't even heard of Meijer! It's the place I grew up buying my groceries every single week. Or really anything else in this world... like makeup, windshield wiper fluid, holiday decorations, underwear, cooking items, or whatever. It's our local all-in-one super store. I've actually never purchased clothing from them before! But they sent over their spring lookbook and I was immediately smitten. Lots of easy-to-wear whites, pops of spring colors, lace, flowy boho pieces, and so much more. I received a $100 gift card to go and style an outfit. I picked up this dress, top, necklace, and shoes all for under budget! I did a guest post on their blog so be sure to head over and read more on why I styled this outfit for spring!

Outfit details:

WallFlower Lace Dress ℅ Meijer
Statement Necklace ℅ Meijer
Chambray Top ℅ Meijer
Rampage "Venice" Sandal ℅ Meijer