In like a lion

Hey guys! I'm back, finally! I took a much-needed break there for two weeks. If you aren't from Michigan, or are unaware, we've had the most brutal winter. We have had constant snow since before Christmas, and freezing temperatures. It definitely hasn't been the most fun "blogging" weather, that's for sure. Plus, I've been working on some other major goals the past two months… so it was nice to focus on those and finish out the month of February on a good note. (I'll share more soon, promise.) But now, we're onto March! And we're definitely going into the month "like a lion". 3 degrees right now… brr!

I've been really getting into a routine lately, and I find that I really enjoy my life so much more when I have routines in place. I feel more in control, on top of daily tasks and I finally feel like I'm making some progress on goals I've had for years. YEARS! My goal with the blog is to try and post three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those are my off days from running. Plus, it's finally light enough when I'm off work to snap photos, so that's pretty awesome. Plus, daylight savings is coming up this weekend. That will make life even better!

I recently splurged and ordered myself the Madewell Transport Tote! I was so excited to receive it, and it hasn't left my side since the day it arrived. It's not like me to spend a lot of money on a purse, but this was on my wish list for over a year… and I thought really hard about whether or not it was worth it. It was. Totally worth it. I love it so far. It fits everything from all of my daily essentials (wallet, keys, chapstick) and also carries my lunch bag, and my Canon. Plus, my laptop if I need it. I'm excited to start carrying around my camera more too. I need to inspire myself to start taking more pictures! Alright -- see you guys soon! And thanks again for your patience while I took a break from this space. I'm feeling refreshed and excited to be back. I'll be more excited when it's finally spring. ;)

Outfit details:
Levi's 4-Pocket Parka ℅ HauteLook
Forever21 Ivory Top
T.J.Maxx Scarf