By the market

Phew! That was a little unintentional blog break! Work is busy (which is great), spring is in full swing here in Michigan, I've been training for my 10K, and life is good (but just a little hectic right now!) I did carve out some time last Friday to meet up with my good friend, Tifani of Tifani Lyn Photography. Unfortunately, shame on me, I told her to meet me at our new Downtown Market at 7pm... and they closed at 7pm! So, we got some pictures around the market (and a couple inside while we still had time.) But we'll definitely get more when the market is actually open. She did such an amazing job and I absolutely love how the photos turned out. It was so hard to narrow it down to this set! Be sure to head over and check out her work – especially if you're local and getting married soon. She's incredible. I'll be back more this week and next... I just need time to slow down a little. Everything is finally starting to bloom and I want to snap a million pictures in the next two weeks before it turns into a hot Michigan summer!