First wedding shower

On Saturday, we kicked off our wedding festivities with our first wedding shower at my Mom's house! We had so much fun, and it was a beautiful warm and sunny day for it too. My Mom put out a full cocktail bar, a Bloody Mary bar, along with strawberry margaritas, beer and wine. For food, we had turkey pinwheels, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, tons of snacks, and for dessert, Robert Redford cake. Yum! We all relaxed outside, ate (too much) food and opened gifts! It's crazy to think that our wedding is less than four months away! We have a second shower at Eric's parent's house at the end of July, which we're super looking forward to as well. I'm excited for every moment, and especially to share it all with Eric. โ™ฅ

Outfit details:

Bliss Takes the Cake Dress c/o ModCloth
Jeweliq Zeus Necklace
Trip the Light Fantastic c/o Seychelles

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to all of my American readers out there! I had such a great day with family. Eric and I had three families to tackle in one day which is always tiring, but we had a lot of fun. First, we stopped to my Dad's house for a few snacks and then headed over to my Mom's house for a full dinner. It was beautiful and sunny outside (crazy windy!) but we got a chance to spend a little time outdoors there. They live right on the water and it's beautiful. My bedroom all throughout high school had this view! I sure do miss that! And my mom's cooking, ah. It's the best! After my parents, we headed back to the city to eat another dinner with Eric's family. Let's just say... we were stuffed. Ha!

Even though winter doesn't officially start until almost the end of December, I feel like as soon as November is gone in Michigan... it's winter. So I'm trying to wear any autumn favorites before snow hits! I just can't bring myself to wear burnt orange or any autumnal print in winter. I'm super picky about that. So I'm excited that I was able to wear this outfit for the holiday! The only downfall was that this skirt has zero stretch, so by the end of the day, I was regretting that. But the food was all so good and worth it!

Oh gosh, this picture of Eric and Winny is probably my favorite picture ever. Winny was so worn out by the time we got home. But with three families and all of them with dogs and one with Eric's little niece... she was in heaven. I can't believe how big she's getting though. All of a sudden before I know it, she'll be a full grown dog! I think they say about 12 months before a puppy is fully grown? I'm so curious to see how big she'll get. Everyone says she'll be bigger because her paws are so big, but we'll see! All I know is that Eric and I love her to pieces and we're so excited to watch her grow.

After feasting all day, Eric and I headed home afterwards and had a Grumpy and Grumpier Old Men marathon in bed. Those are two of my favorite movies ever, so yeah. Pretty much a perfect day in my book! Also, say hi to my mom below if you haven't seen her yet. Isn't she a beauty? And an amazing cook. I hope all of you that celebrate Turkey Day had a great one! Now onto the last week of November... I've already got my tree up, decorations out and some presents wrapped. I'm really going to try to be more on top of Christmas this year!

Outfit details:

Ranunculus-ly Good Looking Skirt c/o ModCloth
Irene Top c/o Dear Faithful
Long Cardigan with Waist Tie c/o Tulle
Target tights
Minnetonka Moccasins Kilty Suede Moc

To Mom, With Love

I've loved these photos my whole life and was finally able to grab them from my Mom for my blog. I especially love them now that I have my fashion blog because I mean... these are outfit shots! At one point, my mom had taken some modeling shots and they are such amazing keepsakes. My mom is so beautiful - inside and out. She can seriously light up a room, she's so fun to be around, she's crazy funny and so pretty. I love her to death. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


Yesterday, I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design! How insanely amazing. I actually felt pangs of heartbreak during the whole ceremony as I replayed my college experience over and over in my head. Right from the first day I started.. as my mom helped me unpack my items into my closet of a room in my 5 Lyon apartment, to finding my best friend in Jen as she resided down the hall, to walking to class, crying on my way home because my design drawing professor hated my drawing, to overcoming all of the struggles that I faced with not at all being a good designer in the beginning. To Brett and I sharing my twin bed on weekend nights, to headphones on, carrying my giant pad of paper, and my Macbook computer, to dissecting alphabet letters in typography, to giving speeches and writing creative short stories. To finding myself this past year, with this blog, with my interactive work in my senior level classes, to becoming a studio excellence winner. I truly found myself at Kendall and I'm really sad to be saying goodbye!

Graduation itself was amazing. Our college is a small arts college, so I felt like I knew a little piece about so many kids approaching the stage to get their degrees. You can't say that about most colleges. I felt so proud of each one of them - for pursuing their dreams of going into art or design. It's a risky move - going into art or design! But it's truly a passion for all of us and we'll never have to "work" a day in our lives - because we'll truly love what we're doing.

I remember standing here waiting for Bill to announce my name thinking how glad I was that I went for the flats. Selective Potential flashed across the screen as my "best work" as I accepted my degree for Digital Media in Interactive Design, as the 2010 studio excellence award dinner. Eep! I heard my Mom's whistle from the back of the church (every time I do something that requires applauding, you can bet she's belting out her whistle!) and I honestly felt so proud! I love my family - and especially Brett, for putting up with my insane busy schedule over the past four years.

After graduation, my family and I walked down to the school for reception where they got to see my work in the studio excellence gallery. Since I'm digital, it was just a computer screen in the corner (hehe!) I still can't believe I was announced the studio excellence award winner! On Friday, we had a very fancy, very nice dinner that I was so proud to attend. As soon as I get pictures back from that, I'll put that up on the blog! Thanks again to everyone who said congrats and sent cards and everything. You're all so supportive and I couldn't ask for better friends.. all over the world.

Christmas at Mom's

Saturday night was our traditional Christmas at Mom's house. She always has her party the day after Christmas, which works out great with family. I love her and my step-dad, Dave, to pieces. Their party was so much fun. Our entire family showed up.. and we have a huge family. It was really great to see everyone. My mom loved my photo booth idea so much that she decided to do it at her party too. I love the way it turned out. Brett and I got up there to do our photos and everyone was laughing and when we were done, everyone clapped. We're photogenic professionals!

This is me, with my gorgeous mother and sister, Lori. Someday I'm going to dip up some old photos of me and my sister. She's older than I am, but we've been such great friends. I think my Mom had her when she was 19 and had me when she was 35. Quite a difference, but you'd never tell when we get to see each other.

My mom's tree was adorable. I had to get a snapshot of her lights because it completely reminded me of something that Delightfully Tacky would have on her tree!

What a super fun night. We even got our first wedding photography gig! It's for family, for my cousin, Tina, but it's a start! It's not until next October, so we're going to get another (better) Nikon and a few more lenses. I'm also going to order a few more photography Photoshop actions. It'll be super exciting. Brett and I don't do much on the weekends anyway and if we could earn a few by doing weddings or senior portraits, why not?! I'm super excited. We're going to try to do an LLC freelance business after I graduate, called D&D Design. How great would that be?

Chopping the tree

We went up north to chop down our Christmas tree today! I've never cut down my own tree before, so I think we started a yearly tradition today. We went with Brett's parents and scoured the fields for the perfect tree. Thank goodness I wore my rain boots because it was so muddy! This would have been a lot prettier in the snow, but.. no complaints yet. The snow will come eventually and I'll end complaining about it after a few days anyway. Hehe. The place we went to get our tree was perfect!

...and the finished product!

I love it! We bought all new lights, bulbs, beads and a skirt for it this year. The past two Christmases, we've used our hand-me-downs and decided this year to go all out. We went with the red look, obviously. I love it! So classy. It's nice getting further into marriage because we're finally getting all of our own stuff. Plus, I got a very nice bonus this year for Christmas and so we're able to do a bit more for the holidays! We're going all out for the holiday party too that's coming up! I'm super excited. I love this time of year.