Ocequec Falls

We're finally upon the last pictures from our trip to the Sunrise Coast! On our final day, we stopped to Ocequec Falls. I was expecting an off-the-beaten path to see the waterfalls, but it was actually a really nice and updated park. Many of the locals come to these waterfalls to go swimming! They were perfect for swimming and walking around in on a hot summer day. They were some of the smallest waterfalls I've seen in the state, but they are one of the only two in the lower peninsula of Michigan!

This dress was so comfortable for exploring. The material is really breezy and lightweight. Although I love summer with a passion, I have such a hard time dressing for it. I think I have an easier time in winter even - at least I can layer! I always feel so guilty in summer just throwing on a dress and calling it an outfit post. I feel like I really get creative when I'm able to wear layers, tights and mix different patterns. I'm proud of a few summer outfits, but I'm really excited to dive into fall clothes finally.

I'm finally getting caught up on posts. I only have a couple posts of fashion week in New York, and then I'll be moving onto fall ones! We took some photos on Friday that felt so autumn. It just made me super excited. We had amazing weather this weekend. I ate a lot of good food, spent a lot of time with Eric, friends, family. Saw a movie. Went thrifting. Life is good and is going to get way better as each day goes by. Autumn makes my heart so happy!

Outfit details:

I Dapple In Art Dress c/o ModCloth
Ruche Loxley Mary Jane wedges

Forty Mile Point Lighthouse

Ah, you guys! I'm so behind. I was supposed to be finished with Sunrise Coast posts like... two weeks ago. Oh well, here we are. On our last day up north, Eric and I headed along Lake Huron and made stops to the Presque Isle Lighthouses and then came here to Forty Mile Point Lighthouse. I luckily came across this one, otherwise I would have had no idea it was here... and it was right along the main road. Plus it had a shipwreck right on the shore of the beach! We explored and climbed the lighthouse tower, read about the many shipwrecks on Lake Huron and walked along the ruins of one.

I'm so excited to start diving into some of my fall clothes. I'm really looking forward to wearing mustards, greens, purples and dark reds. I have so many fun posts planned for autumn. I'm hoping we get the colors we usually do here in Michigan. It has been a really hot and dry summer, so we're all crossing our fingers that the leaves don't just immediately fall from the trees. Hah! I always call it though... as soon as I get back from fashion week, it feels like autumn in Michigan. So true. We've had perfect temperatures the last few days. I'm so ready for this season! It's the best!

It's so funny to see mountain man Eric in these photos, since he shaved and got his hair cut a couple of weeks ago now. I haven't posted much on our time in NYC for fashion week yet, only a recap on a couple of presentations I attended, but it was really fun! We ended up staying in this gorgeous apartment in Harlem, actually. I was the worst blogger though and barely took photos, so I'll have to do a quick instagram recap and talk more about it later.

It was pretty fun to see and walk along this shipwreck along the coast. It was a ship built in 1871 and sunk in October, 1905 while carrying iron ore from Escanaba, Michigan to Ohio. While battling heavy seas, the bow hit a sandbar and the entire front cabin tore off. Huge waves though carried the ship to shore and it washed up right on the shore by the light station. The captain and 10 crewmen were safe (one of them didn't even wake up!) But unfortunately a few of the mates tried to swim to shore and didn't make it. It's so crazy to think about a time like that in history.

Outfit details:

Ranunculus-ly Good Looking Skirt c/o ModCloth
 Crushed Cookies Top in Molasses
Mustard cardigan c/o AGAR
Forever 21 belt
Urban Outfitters basket weave flats

The Presque Isle Lighthouses

On the third day of our trip, we hit so much along the coast of Lake Huron. Our first stop was to head up to Presque Isle to see the two lighthouses - the old one and new one. I was so excited to see the old one because of the stories I've heard. There have been many reports of the old Presque Isle Lighthouse being haunted by the first and only lightkeeper, George. Even though the light has been long deactivated, George's ghost will come back once in a while to light the lamp.

When we were there, I was chatting with a super sweet old lady who was running the gift shop. I mentioned George the Ghost and she was like, "Oh yeah! He'll come by once in a while. I saw the light last summer and another couple saw the light this year." She was SO casual about it! I was dying. I absolutely loved it. This is actually one of my favorite lighthouses I've ever been to, just because it's so different. Usually you climb up winding metal staircases, but this was made of stone held up by a wooden pole. I just loved the atmosphere of this one.

After our time at Old Presque Isle, we drove up the road to the New Presque Isle lighthouse. This lighthouse is the tallest on Lake Huron and one of the tallest on the Great Lakes. This one is also haunted, the legend is that one of the past keepers locked his wife in the tower and she suffered from the severe isolation and went insane. Many claim to hear her when in the tower. Eric and I didn't hear her, but we did meet a guy that told us that the lighthouse "sways" in the wind when you get to the top. Talk about terrifying as we climbed to the top!

We didn't feel the sway, but it was pretty scary walking up because you can see all the way to the bottom through the staircase. We were both clutching the rail on the way up and down. But once you reached the top, it was a gorgeous view. You could see a lighthouse on a Canadian island and were also supposed to see a sunken shipwreck in the water (we couldn't spot it though). But yeah, we had to leave abruptly when I accidentally spilled Shipwreck Soda all over the floor and myself. Hah! You can't take me anywhere.

Outfit details:

American Apparel top
Forever 21 skirt
Llave necklace c/o Honey & Marrow
Sibling flats in Big Sis c/o ModCloth

John A. Lau Saloon

When I was searching for things to do and places to see on the Sunrise Coast, I read about the John A. Lau Saloon. It's located in Alpena's Old Town. It's basically your bar town grub food, and has more than 12 selections of different beef. But the biggest reason I wanted to visit is because local legend has it that the historic saloon is haunted by Agnes, John Lau's wife, who died following childbirth.

There are stories of a woman dressed in period clothing that appears, strange knocking noises, odd unexplainable odors and glasses that appear to move on their own. They've had ghost hunters in to investigate and they have officially sworn off the myth, proving that the saloon is haunted. The new owners said they've had employees quit because of the hauntings and staff who won't go into the basement because they're scared.

For a bit of history, the saloon opened in the 1800s. It temporarily closed during the Prohibition Era, but re-opened as a soda pop shop that sold bootleg liquor. Once the feds found out, the saloon was permanently shut down. Over the years, it's been used by several businesses, one including an antique shop but is now back to a pub and steakhouse.

Story has it, one of the current owners said a ghost hunter came to the saloon and saw Agnes sitting in a rocking chair at the top of the stairs. Apparently, there is a window hidden in the wall that is now boarded up and covered by an antique mirror, shelves and decorative items. When the ghost hunter walked into the shop, she said she saw Agnes looking out over the bay through the window. Only... the ghost hunter didn't know the window existed. Freaky, right?! Still today, wait staff will say they see someone walk upstairs out of the corner of their eye. They'll tell someone to go wait on them, but when the staff goes upstairs, there is nobody up there.

Of course, when Eric and I were visiting, by the end of the evening, we were the only two in the saloon along with the wait staff. There was an eery feeling in the saloon, like Agnes was watching over us while we ate. Haha! Gosh, okay, I'm such a sucker for a good ghost story. I even had chills typing this out! But honestly though, it was a super fun experience. We both had great meals and drinks (the garden iced tea kicks your butt and you get to keep the glass!) and I got a chance to wear my horse print skirt! Also, I got my story and details from The Alpena News. Must be fact, right? ;)

Outfit details:

Finals Week top c/o ModCloth
Horse print skirt from To Be Determined
Champion Bowler hat c/o ModCloth
Seychelles boots via Gilt Groupe

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

On the second day of our trip, Eric and I left Tawas City and headed north on US 23 toward Alpena. It was such a good road-trip drive! There were so many things to see on the way. Dinosaur gardens, state parks, beaches, I loved it. Most of the time you were driving, you were right next to Lake Huron with a perfect view. Of course, along the way, we stopped at Sturgeon Point Lighthouse. 

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse was built in 1869. It was originally established to ward off ships from a reef that extends out into Lake Huron. It's a great historic example of a Cape Cod style lighthouse. When you first walk up to the park, you see the old 1907 one-room Bailey schoolhouse. It was moved here in 1998. We explored that for a while, spoke to the tour guide and headed on the trail toward the lighthouse.

This was our first lighthouse we were able to climb up on the trip! Climbing lighthouse towers is one of my favorite things to do. You feel like you're on a mini adventure when you're climbing, especially when you have to duck through to get to the top. Then, once you're up there, you see the most incredible views. There was a lighthouse guide up there that greeted us. He told us that the historic Fresnel lens was insured for $8.7 million. Isn't that insane? 

When I was looking up pictures of the lighthouse, I thought this dress would match perfectly. Of course, I was way over-dressed for the occasion, but who wouldn't want to visit a lighthouse in a pretty dress? The last time I wore this dress on the blog, it was in the middle of winter for a ModCloth debut. I love seeing how my different clothes transition from season to season. Now I need to figure out a fun fall setting. Can you guys believe that some of the leaves are already changing here?

Outfit details:

ModCloth What a Debut dress
Naked flats c/o Blowfish Shoes