2010 Recap: Autumn

October is always a wonderful month. I absolutely love the weather, the colors and all of the fun things to do during the month. Pumpkin patches, apple picking, cider, taking trips - it's all so much fun. Autumn is always a joy. We shot a wedding at Point Betsie that was gorgeous, went to Green Acres for pumpkin picking and just enjoyed every warm autumn second.

We took a trip over to Fruit Ridge for this really cute corn maze and hay-ride place. They had the best cider donuts that I devoured. It was a fun autumn day with friends! I love corny things like this.

We also headed over to Robinette's Apple Haus - which is my favorite place to go in autumn. The best apple cider and cutest little bakery and gift shop. You can also venture off into the fields and pick apples, which is exactly what we did!

And of course, one of the best parts of October is... Halloween! Brett and I had a low-key night with some pizza and a movie. We were housesitting for his parents, so we were able to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters! We headed out to a small party with friends and ate greasy food late night at our favorite diner.

In November, we had some wonderful weather still - so blessed this year with weather! Every year, I desperately have a need to want to rake leaves, so we headed over to Brett's parent's house so I could rake their lawn... and of course, bury Maggie in the leaves!

November was a huge month for me because I started my new career as a graphic designer! It has been the best experience ever so far and I'm so insanely grateful that I have the opportunity to work here. Everyone is amazing and the job is exactly what I always wanted.

At the end of the month, Brett and I headed out with our friends, Kait and Jer, to Chicago for the Santa Clause Parade! We went to Molly's Cupcakes and shopped around Urban Outfitters for a little bit before the parade! It was so insanely packed, but we had a great time.

Afterwards, we all headed to Ed Debevic's for dinner. I had only been there once before and it's always fun!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at work with a super yummy buffet! Everyone at work keeps warning me of the freshman 15 everyone gains when they start here... I totally believe them now! Haha!

In December, we've had quite the quiet month! We were trying to save for a house down payment, so our trips and little adventures have kind of dwindled down. We had our 4th annual Christmas party this year at our friend's house! Can't believe it has been four years we've been doing this!

And Christmas together was perfect spent with our families and our kitties!

Alright, I'm all done with my 2010 recaps! Thanks for reading everyone! I'm super excited to start posting in 2011 with new posts. Have a great NYE! Stay warm! (It's 50 degrees here... and raining. It's amazing! All of the snow and ice... GONE!) Weeeeee!

2010 Recap: Summer

We started July out with a trip to Chicago for the day! It was the first time I was ever recognized in public by a reader, which was so awesome! We headed over to Navy Pier and spent the evening. It was Brett's first time! We also rode the ferris wheel! It was a great summer day.

This was most of our summer - just riding on our scooters all day long, all night long. We'd ride down the beach, go swimming, walk downtown, grab ice-cream everyday. I absolutely love summer living in Grand Haven - especially when our place is five minutes from the beach!

We spent a quiet Fourth of July with our good friend, Peter, and went and sat with Brett's parents for the fireworks. They always lay out blankets for us the night before and it's awesome to watch the musical fountain and fireworks together. The rest of July was spent at the beach, taking little trips down to Bear Cave and St. Joseph. I also celebrated my 24th birthday!

For our third anniversary, Brett and I planned a trip to the Upper Peninsula. We had always wanted to go! We booked the nicest hotels in the U.P. and really made a trip out of it. The first night, we went to Tahquamenon Falls. It was gorgeous and our hotel was right on Lake Superior. I absolutely adore the U.P.

The next few days were spent exploring the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. We took our time riding up there though - visited a shipwreck museum, explored a secret, hidden lighthouse and went to a bear ranch. At Pictured Rocks, we took a boat tour, saw shipwrecks, traveled to lots of waterfalls. It was an amazing trip. I loved it. Our last day was spent heading up to Marquette - eating at a yummy pizza place and seeing the black rocks. I want to go back again, soon!

September began - I took another trip to Chicago with Andrea for the Midwest Blogger Meetup. We ate at P.J. Clarke's and it was great to see everyone again and meet a few new faces. Afterwards, Andrea and I - of course - went shopping!

Then, I was off on an airplane for the first time by myself to New York City for fashion week! I was so proud of my independence! I stayed with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky the whole week - and it was so much fun. We had the IFB Evolving Influence conference and the next day we had the Renegade Blogger Meetup in Central Park. It was such a great way to meet so many people in a low-key, park setting with cupcakes. Such a great memory!

Fashion's Night Out was such a great night with Elizabeth. We visited the Market Publique pop-up shop, first. Afterwards, we just walked for so long just checking everything out. NYC was packed! We even spotted Anna Wintour! We ended the night with mexican food and drinks. I loved that night.

The next day, we had the Chictopia Media-Tech summit - which was fantastic this year. I had such a great time. I got to see Jasmine - and hear her speak, which was so exciting! It was great to see everyone again and to learn a lot about what we all love so much - fashion and blogging.

After the conference was just a whirlwind because I was one of the Juicy Couture/Chictopia winners for a free trip to NYC and an outfit styled by Juicy! It was so amazing to be in the basement of Juicy being able to pick out anything I wanted. Kim, Jennie and I had such a great time! The party was amazing and I just loved spending time with such great friends!

After the huge whirlwind trip, I flew home and was so excited to be in a calmer setting of Michigan. I was exhausted! Brett and I went and explored ArtPrize for a few days, which is always the best. I was really excited for autumn to begin and life was changing a lot, but it was a really big time in my life!

Next up? October, November and December! Then, 2010 will be complete... and we'll move onto 2011 and all of the great memories that will happen in the new year. So excited for tonight at midnight!

2010 Recap: Spring

Spring was one of the best times ever in my life. I was wrapping up my final few weeks of college and everything was just going so smoothly. I received a letter saying I won the studio excellence award for my major... and was so overwhelmed. I didn't take a second for granted! Spring began with a visit from my best friend, Jen, who lives in Colorado. She brought some 80 degree temperatures (in April, so crazy!) and we just spent the day outside - eating lunch and dinner both outdoors. It was just.. a wonderful day with her. Also, in April, I participated in a ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge - so fun!

In the middle of April, I went with Andrea to the Chicago Blogger Meetup. It was another gorgeous weekend weather-wise. We were so lucky last spring with weather! We went shopping all day and then met up at Quartino with the rest of the girls! It was so wonderful to meet so many lovely bloggers and spend the day with a great friend.

In early May, we headed over to Holland for their Tulip Time Festival - which is just gorgeous. It was my first time visiting Windmill Island and I was overwhelmed at the beauty of all of the tulips! Brett and I roamed the grounds, browsed wooden shoes and snapped photos in front of the giant windmill. So fun. I was also featured again in Who What Wear's Style Stalker feature!

Right around the same time, I was also announced a ModCloth Blogger of the Moment. It was such a big deal in my life - having a dress named after my blog! I was so thrilled to receive my very own dress and style it up with Brett. It was a really amazing thing for me, especially in such a wonderful time in my life.

And if things in my life couldn't be any better, I graduated from the best college in the world, with an amazing award. It was an amazing weekend. We had dinner for the studio excellence awards and it was overwhelming to accept the reward for studio excellence in my major. Tear! My department chair had the best speech - about me - and my blog - and my work at Kendall. Unbelievably awesome. The next day, graduating with my entire family there, hearing my mom's whistle from the stage as I accepted my diploma.. AH! Graduating from college is such an overwhelming experience, especially when I had the best college experience ever. I'd relive it all again in a second.

By the end of May, life started to slow down, which was so wonderful. I was so busy from classes, work and the blog that I didn't have a whole lot of time to just go out and do silly things and have fun with Brett. So in celebration of all good things happening, Brett and I went out and purchased two Genuine Buddy Scooters. They are amazing. They complete our lives. We wouldn't be Brett and Tieka without them. Haha!

In June, I took a little weekend mini-tour with Tall Ships, which was so much fun. They played Bled Fest, a show in Grand Rapids and a show in Chicago. Toward the middle of the month, Brett and I went and took one of our "monthly adventure trips" to St. Ignace, Michigan. Not the most exciting town, but we laugh about it now and how silly our trip was. We visited the Mystery Spot and a totally dorky maze, had my cell phone stolen, saw a few Native American museums, a fake lighthouse and ate dinner early and were asleep at our bed & breakfast by 8 pm. Haha! Also in June, I had my brutally awful wisdom teeth surgery. Ew, let's forget that tiny detail.

Alright, looks like I'll be doing two recaps tomorrow - summer and fall! I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of 2010. I hope you all have an amazing New Year's Eve - I can't wait to see what everyone wears! I'm thinking I'm going to have to bust out those ever-so-amazing... sparkle socks! Eee! See you tomorrow! โ™ฅ

2010 Recap: Winter

I was going to do one big post on a recap for 2010, but I decided to split it up because I have so many wonderful memories and photos from this year! It's going to be fun revisiting each month, pulling up old photos and talking about it all again. I had a lot of fun with last year's post, so I knew I wanted to do this again this year! Last January was kind of a quiet month! I was starting my last semester of college and that took up most of my time. Brett and I did find time to go play in all of the snow though!

February was an amazing month for me. First, the Delightful Dozen was born thanks to Elizabeth! Second, I went to New York City for the first time for fashion week with Andrea. It was absolutely wonderful - such a quick, whirlwind trip that I'll never forget. We had our Dove Girl's Night Out where I was able to meet so many of my blog friends and blog favorites. Such a wonderful night! I had so much fun.

The same weekend in NYC, we had the Chictopia 10 conference and after-party! It was so awesome to attend my first fashion conference and get to meet so many amazing bloggers. We had a little brunch before with some bloggers and scoured a candy shop for goods. I loved spending the weekend with Andrea and Elizabeth! The perfect tiny-hotel roommates!

Later in the month, Tall Ships played a show at a basement downtown. This was a memorable show because they had two new members, Andrew and Josh. I love going to Brett's shows! The rest of February was spent trying to beat the winter cold and work hard in all of my classes.

In March, Brett and I went to see Screeching Weasel in Chicago. I hosted a Dove Oscar viewing party with a bunch of girls at my house, which was fun! I was in IFB's Blogger Spotlight. This was the month I really started to feel like my blog was taking off - which was the most exciting thing ever. So in celebration, I built a little blog studio in the office part of our rec room, which turned out so wonderfully. It's such a great little space to be productive in.

Toward the end of the month, I went to the Bodies of Art annual fashion show - which wasn't as fun this year as normal, but it was still so wonderful to meet up with girls and head out to dance and eat junk food afterwards! I love anything fashion, food and dancing related (even though I'm like a goon on the dance floor!)

And the best day of the entire month was when I went to Chicago for a photo shoot and video shoot for Jess LC Jewelry. Brett and I drove out and stayed the night at Jess' place - which was amazing. She was so wonderful to meet and get to know. We had the best day ever in Chicago in Lincoln Square. I constantly think back to this day and think about how much fun I had with everyone involved in the project. Thanks so much to Jess for allowing me to take part! Plus, if you haven't yet seen the video, you should. I watch it at least once a week and smile really really big. Haha!

Best Day Ever from Erica Griffiths on Vimeo.

I'll be back tomorrow with my recap of spring! I'm so excited. This was definitely one of the best times of my life. Gosh, I can't help but get sappy looking back at 2010 and how great it was. I truly had a wonderful year! I'm crossing my fingers super tight that 2011 is even better. 2010 is going to be really tough to beat at this point! โ™ฅ

Hopcat lunch date

Yesterday, my really good friend, Andrea (most of you know her from Blonde Bedhead!) came into town to meet up for lunch! She came over to my work and I was able to give her a tour of the office! So exciting. After that, we headed just down the street to a really yummy bar-like setting restaurant called Hopcat. Yummm. It was so great to see her and catch up! We grabbed some outfit shots afterwards and it was so freezing and windy! No snow, but the temperatures are brutal!

A lot of you ask what I wear to work - if I wear my normal outfits and what not - and yes, I do! Most days I'm in exactly something like this - everything completely remixed and what I've already worn before, just in a new way somehow! I do sometimes wear the exact same outfits some days though, especially ones that I've posted in outfit posts that I've really liked. I wore this similar outfit last January. This dress is actually a skirt turned into a dress! I love doing that.

In other news, I started my diet again. I jumped on the scale this morning and was like.. oh... my... gosh. I'm 10 pounds above my "happy zone"! So today, I am back on it. I ate a fiber one bar this morning and I have carrots and yogurt for lunch. I'm going to go eat that right now actually. I have another blog post coming tonight - a recap of January, February and March! I was going to do a full-year recap but I have way too many photos. I'm excited to post. See you tonight! โ™ฅ

Outfit details:

Finders Keepers dress
Target tights
Forever21 belt
Forever21 socks
Forever21 ring
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Seychelles Boots via Gilt

Top five outfits of 2010

Here we go.. the start of the 2010 year-end recaps! I'm going to first start with my top outfits of 2010. I'm still so flattered when you guys like an outfit of mine. You all truly understand my personal style, as simple as it may be. Thank you all for the wonderful support throughout 2010. I appreciate you all so much!

#1 - Red Touch of Spring - This was taken last spring as I was scrambling to finish up my last semester in college. I remember I had a quick one hour break and Brett met me outside of college to snap these photos. I borrowed this dress from Delightfully Tacky and paired it with my red cardigan and basketweave flats.. and it was voted number one. This is definitely my style - you all know how much I adore florals.. and red touches!

#2 - First Signs of Autumn - this was taken last September right after I got back from New York City. I absolutely adore this skirt - the print is so fun and unique. I love pairing it with my favorite olive green cardigan. This is such a simple me outfit!

#3 - Summer Renewal - This is the dress I wore to a fancy dinner out for my birthday! I actually wore this dress while scooting (quite far) out to the restaurant! Brett and I pulled our scooters over, found a little spot and snapped some photos. Ah, how I love summer.. and miss it. This dress is absolutely one of my favorites.

#4 - Holiday Parties - this was taken just this month for my company holiday party! I have styled this skirt a few times in the past, but I felt like I finally got it right this time around. Before, I tried to tone it down or dress it up a little too much. It was perfect right in the middle - dressy with the glitter tights, but yet -simple- with the cranberry cardigan. I really liked wearing this outfit to the party!

#5 - Boyden House - I loved wearing this outfit. I had just gotten my favorite JC splendid sandals and couldn't wait to pair them with this floral dress. I love how a lot of my top outfits have my favorite style elements - florals, black and brown mixed, chunky belts and cardigans. I also really loved this location - everything just seemed to fit together for this post.

Here are a few more outfits that were runner-ups to the top five, plus some of my personal favorites. Floral Grunge was definitely one of my most notable. This 90's grunge dress was meant to be paired with my lace up JC boots. Simple, grunge, florals... I'm so predictable! Another thing I'm very predictable at is blending in with my surroundings. It's definitely my niche with this blog. I'm really glad most of you like seeing different spots in my state and outfits to match. So, of course I had to wear an apple-print skirt at Robinette's Apple Haus in October. Spring and autumn were by far my favorite seasons this year with style on the blog.

Shanty Creek was a favorite post of mine and you might recognize it from my header! The overcast skies in the lush field in June were a great combination for photos. Summer had a few moments too. Summer Marsh was a wonderful summer combination with the heart-shaped back floral dress and wide-brimmed hat peering over the swampy marshland.

And another favorite from last spring, Picnicking in a Field. We had some great weather last spring.. I'm so excited for this upcoming spring again. These photos are making me feel so nostalgic! Plus, I've already purchased a few dresses for spring 2011. Eeeps! ;]

I hope you all enjoyed my top outfits of 2010! (Click here for the 2009 top outfits!) I was excited to post these photos - especially for the new readers who haven't seen the older posts. I've absolutely loved this year in blogging. I was able to go to New York Fashion Week twice, I've made the best friends, saw a lot of changes in myself, my blog and my personal style and felt like Selective Potential became what it was meant to be. I finally feel like I'm living up to my potential and it's thanks to all of you and your wonderful support throughout the year. So excited to have you all along for the ride with me in 2011. โ™ฅ