Looking back on 2011

Here is my giant recap of 2011! Last year, I split it up into four posts for each season, but I didn't like it as much. In 2009, I did a huge recap and it's just so fun to go back and see an entire year in a recap. So, here we go. I tried my hardest to cut it down and only include my favorite memories... but this truly has been a great year so this was a challenge. If you have a slow connection, I don't blame you for backing out now!


In January, Brett and I took a trip out to Crane's Pie Pantry. Later in the month, we did a wintry photo session with photographers, Bryan and Mae. It was freezing, but so much fun.


In February, Elizabeth and I put together the first INDIE e-conference. This was by far my favorite INDIE. One of my favorite memories of the entire year was when a bunch of us in INDIE were all in a chat-room, all watching Old Gregg and cracking up together. I also hosted the Michigan blogger meetup! We had a wonderful turn-out and I really enjoyed meeting so many girls from the state.

Brett and I went to Ann Arbor for the first time to shop, eat and search out a vintage photobooth.


In March, we launched the Delightful Dozen blog with a huge launch party. It was so fun and we were trending #1 on Bloglovin's Up & Coming list. It's been a great year with those girls and I'm excited for 2012 with them.

I was so lucky to meet Vanessa of The Velvet Bird. She was traveling with her husband's band through Grand Rapids. We ate dinner together and talked for a long time at a coffee shop. I love this girl!

Brett and I attended the Antwerp Fashion Show in Grand Rapids. Later in the month, we went on a quest to find both Sable Point lighthouses. The smaller one was in Shelby and the larger one was an adventure in Ludington.


Brett and I took a crazy, random, spontaneous trip to The Gateway City! We spent all weekend there. We had a blast at City Museum, laying under the arch, dining at the coolest diner ever and enjoying 80 degree temperatures when Michigan was having 30 degree temperatures!

Our band also started recording our first EP, All These Things.


In May, I headed out to Chicago to meet up with Andrea and Veronika! I loved meeting Veronika for the first time. She's become a really great friend this year. We went to the Randolph blogger meet up and fair. Good times!

I was so honored to model for Megan Nielsen's SS2011 line. It was such a dreamy line of clothing designed by the sweetest girl ever.


Veronika and I drove out to East Lansing to meet Maria of Lulu Letty! We ate lunch, took outfit photos and shopped together. Such a great day. A sad day in May was when we said goodbye to Tall Ships at their last show. If you aren't familiar, Tall Ships was my husband's band... and a huge part of our lives for a few years. I miss it like crazy!

I went on a city-wide scavenger hunt with my company. Some of my favorite memories included exploring the old, abandoned public museum, going to the top of the JW Marriott and giggling over our zumba dance.


In July, Brett and I took a long weekend to Northern Michigan. We stopped to Kaleva to visit the world-famous bottle house, visited Point Betsie Lighthouse and had a blast at Sleeping Bear Dunes. My favorite memory of this was when Brett ate too much pizza and drank a couple too many, ran down the biggest dune I've ever seen in my life, took an hour to get back up and puked when he reached the top. Hahaha!

I loved South Manitou island more than anything. This is one of my favorite photos of me. Plus, historic fish town was so amazing. I can't wait to go back.

We had the wonderful opportunity to stay at Black Star Farms. My favorite memory of this was sitting out on the front patio with Brett, drinking and star-gazing with the fountain in the background. Love.

To end our trip, we went to Cherry Festival - which was my first time. We sipped cherry rootbeers, ate cherries, explored Traverse City and rode rides until we felt sick. Haha!

When we got back home, we took our scooters out to the city for 4th of July with friends. My favorite memory of this was that all of our friends were on scooters, all riding double in downtown GR. Maybe my favorite memory of the year.


My band, Circle Maybe, recorded our music video and launched our first EP! I was also featured in the September Issue of Lucky magazine. Yes, I screamed when I saw my name in print.

Every August is our annual Coast Guard festival. All of our friends came out to the city to ride rides, eat carnival food and watch fireworks. We also got a little too crazy at our house afterwards and yelled things at people from our rooftop. So. much. fun.

Brett got me a Michigan trips book for my 25th birthday, so we had to check out Fallasburg Village. It was a ghost town with a covered bridge! It was so hot and we ended up swinging on a rope and peeking into windows and calling it a day to go get some ice-cream.


In September, I celebrated my two-year blogiversary. Then, I headed out to New York with Andrea for fashion week! It was a great week filled with a ton of memories with good friends. I love that city.

I had a blast at FABB - learned a lot, met a lot of people and got to catch up with good friends! The night after, Andrea and I went exploring downtown for FNO.

It was surreal attending the Lucky blogger breakfast at their headquarters. I was so excited! I felt like I was in a movie.

One of my favorite events from the week was definitely the ModCloth swap.

Afterwards, we darted straight to Bloggers Night Out - which was also a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to meet some of my now-favorite bloggers!

The stylish picnic in Central Park was just what I needed to end the trip. My favorite memory from this was when I took a second to grab a homemade ice-cream by myself from a food truck and just sit and enjoy the beautiful view, sunshine and sounds of Central Park.

When I returned home from New York, Brett and I went to the Chicago Renegade craft fair where I had the opportunity to meet Rachel and Elsie of Red Velvet! Both of them are a huge inspiration to me and were so sweet in person.

At the end of the month, I was able to meet and photograph Mindy of States' outfit. I loved watching their show - such a good band.


In October, we took two of our closest friends, Jesse and Taylor, up to Gravity Hill where we rolled backwards down a hill. It was crazy. Then, we drove up to Sleeping Bear Dunes!

On a crazy 70-degree day in October, Brett and I took our final scoot trip of the season up to White River Lighthouse. Amazing day. My favorite memory was when we were on the back winding roads by the blockhouse on our scooters.

And this was by far the most beautiful autumn I've ever seen in Michigan.

Brett and I took a big trip up to the upper peninsula to see Porcupine State Mountain Park! My favorite spot was Lake of the Clouds. It was breathtaking.

We traveled to a few different waterfalls. Bond Falls and Overlooked Falls were two of our favorites. My favorite memory of this trip was going to see the Paulding Light. It's a mysterious light that's haunted. It was so creepy at the time... and so much fun.

To end October, I had the craziest Halloween weekend ever. Let's just say, I rarely drink... and this weekend, I drank way too much. Brett was in Florida at a music festival and I went a little overboard. Haha!


In November, Brett and I had a relaxing month after a few months of craziness. We explored the Ada Covered Bridge. I was also surprise-featured in the January issue of Lucky Magazine! My first time ever having a photo in a huge print magazine! So exciting. I bought five copies.


In December, we hosted our 5th annual Christmas Party for all of our friends. This was also an amazing year at my job. I became really close to my friend and co-worker, Sharisa. (We're known together as Sharieka!)

We enjoyed the holidays with our families...

And I can't wait to see what 2012 will bring! I'll be posting soon on my 2012 New Years resolutions. I have a huge list. I need a year of crazy productivity and I feel like 25/26 is the perfect year to do it. (If you survived to this point, bravo to you. You seriously deserve a piece of confetti cake with rainbow chip frosting.)

Top ten outfits of 2011

Let's start the 2011 recap off with some of my favorite outfits from the past year! It's so true that my favorite outfits come from spring and autumn. I really struggled to pull favorites from last winter and summer. I'm just so inspired by my surroundings when it comes to style, especially the seasons. It'll be my goal in 2012 to pull more favorites from winter and summer! My next post is going to be a huge 2011 recap on life. I'm so excited to pull photos and relive some of the memories!

Autumn Christmas

Okay, I'm back with one more outfit post for 2011! I said my last one was it for the year, but I ended up really liking this outfit. So, Brett and I ran out to take some pictures on Christmas Eve. We finished up some Christmas shopping downtown, watched movies at home and then headed out for dinner with my family. It's been a fun and relaxing holiday weekend! And now it's a short work week... wee!

I'm in love with this weather. I know that's so terrible... because you're supposed to want a white Christmas. But this has been such an amazing break from Michigan's horrible winters. I just hope this doesn't mean that winter is going to last until May or something crazy. That would be no fun! But for now, I'll just enjoy this rare extended autumn!

What did you guys get for Christmas? I received a new tripod, remote for my Canon, clothes, popcorn machine... and Brett and I bought ourselves a new TV! I'm excited. It's insane how light the new one is. Our old one was huge and so heavy. It took both of us struggling to get it out of the TV stand. We also watched a movie in HD on it tonight and it was so awesome!

I've been wearing my hair in buns like crazy since watching Veronika's messy bun tutorial! I love it and it's super easy. An elastic band, some bobby pins, five minutes... and you're done. Now I'm crazy distracted by Family Guy and keep looking at Brett and giggling, so I'll wrap up here. Have a great week... and I hope you enjoy my upcoming recap posts of 2011!

Outfit details:

Love Ballad top c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 shorts
Anthropologie scarf
LuLu*s oxford heels

Spread the cheer!

Yay! What a super fun day. ModCloth and some amazing bloggers have teamed up to "Spread the Cheer" for the holiday season! Earlier in the month, ModCloth hand-delivered orders to customers in the Pittsburgh area AND handed them a $50 gift card, plus one to share with a friend! They also contacted five bloggers to choose an adorable holiday dress and to pick one of their favorite bloggers to receive the same exact dress! I chose my very good friend, Veronika of Girl & Closet. I loved styling this dress and seeing how Veronika wore it too. She's always inspiring! I just love her.

You can head over to the ModCloth blog to see how other bloggers styled their dresses and watch the 'Spread the Cheer' video here. Later on, Veronika and I will grace the Roses for Every Occasion dress product detail page. Thanks to ModCloth for letting me a part of this fabulous feature and to Veronika for being an amazing friend! If you purchase a $50 gift certificate from now until 12/25, you will be entered to win a second gift certificate so you can spread the cheer to one of your friends!

This is actually going to be my last outfit post of 2011! Next week, I have a full week of 2011 recaps, favorite outfits from the past year and an interview with my winter featured blogger! (I might pop in with some snapshots from Christmas, of course...) I hope you guys have an amazing holiday and enjoy time with your friends and family! Thank you for your continued support. I feel so blessed because of all of you! xo

Outfit details:

Roses for Every Occasion dress c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 glitter tights
Steve Madden wedges c/o Shop It To Me

A holiday look

Oh my goodness, I just went and laid down in bed for five minutes and was like, "Man... I should really finish this blog post." So here I am with crazy tired eyes. What a week so far! I've been so busy the past week at work, with the blog, in life in general! My inbox is insane right now and I was just caught up too. Boooooooo. At least most of our holiday shopping is done with and I just need to crank out some wrapping this weekend.

This is what I wore to my work holiday party. I tried on a hundred different outfits and realized I just wanted to be comfortable, yet still 'dressed up' feeling. Our party was on a Sunday night and usually Sunday nights, I'm in my comfiest jammies curled up on the couch! I had a ton of fun though. The food is always delicious and our white elephant exchange was too funny. I ended up with a tiki tissue box cover!

Are you guys ready for the holidays? I totes am. Long weekend? Yussssss. Bring it onnnnnn. Can you guys tell I'm totally zonked or what? I think I'll end conversation here. See you guys tomorrow. I'm announcing 12 days of giveaways winners, so go ahead and enter tonight if your little heart desires. I'll take entries until tomorrow sometime when I close the post! Night!

Outfit details:

Duffy coat c/o Element
English Muse lace dress c/o Ruche
Target tights
Steve Madden Westii wedges c/o Shop It To Me
Crafty Companion Ring c/o ModCloth

Urban alley

I've been trying to be more on top of taking photos and getting updates on the blog lately. I still haven't adjusted to daylight savings yet (how long ago was that?!) Brett met me at work before I was even out and snapped some photos really quick. It was 4:30pm when we took these and as soon as we were done, it was pitch black outside. What the heck! Is spring here yet? I guess I can't complain though. Outside with no jacket in mid-December. What a luxury.

Today was probably the best day of my life. No, but seriously, I had a really good day. Work was so much fun (laughing to the point of tears fun), the weather is amazing, I liked my outfit and my hair up, I had a really good band practice with the boys and here I am... updating my blog for a Friday post. I'm finally feeling on top of it lately and it feels amazing! Emails are under control, priorities are straight. As soon as I start training for my spring 5k, I'll feel even better!

Mixing patterns has been one of my long-time loves. Especially stripes and florals. So with that said, this outfit was a no-brainer. It's surprisingly one I haven't put together before! Sometimes I try to match my outfits to my locations too much and my style can look the same quite often in our town. That's why I love taking photos in the city because I tend to dress a little more urban and incorporate a bit more "grunge" into my outfits. Hopefully we can continue to take some right after work, so I have more of this style in my outfit posts!

What are you guys up to this weekend? I'm hoping to catch a movie, do a ton of Christmas shopping, go see a raunchy burlesque show with friends and play catch up on cleaning and laundry. I can't believe Christmas is so soon! I have so much to do still before the big weekend. I'm excited for some time off though + for the new year to begin! I definitely need to finish that 2012 resolutions list, but I also need to write down everything I loved and accomplished in 2011. It's good to look forward, but important to reflect too! Have a great weekend!

Outfit details:

Striped top c/o Zara
Urban Outfitters floral skirt
Compass rose necklace c/o ModCloth
Target black tights
LuLu*s oxford heels