Monday, November 24, 2014

White Plum Giveaway

Hi guys! Did you have a good weekend? We've had the most insane weather... full-on snow and now it's just crazy wind and rain. I hope we get the snow back soon! It totally helps to get into the holiday spirit. Today, I have a fun giveaway from White Plum! They are offering one of my lucky readers a $75 store credit to shop their online store. I decided to style up this patterned shift dress and these adorable cut-out booties from their store. I love this tawny brown color, and it matches my beloved tote perfectly! You can also take 20% off your order from White Plum until December 2nd, using the code "SELECT20" at checkout. They have some amazing deals coming on Black Friday, so I'd definitely check back too! And if you want to stay alerted, you can sign up for their email list at the bottom of their homepage. Have a great rest of your week! xo

Outfit details:
Autumn Rain Shift Dress c/o White Plum
Melinda Cut-Out Bootie c/o White Plum

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Video // The Great Northwest

Alright! We're onto my final post from our trip to the "great northwest" of Michigan. Over the entire weekend, we decided to try and just shoot a little bit of footage with my camera. It's a little shaky, but I thought it turned out lovely! And it's just fun to look back and see what we saw on our weekend trip, especially one that meant a lot to us. Enjoy! And happy Sunday! I'm sooo thrilled for a short week and long weekend coming up. xo

Music by Mat Churchill

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Charlevoix South Pier Light Station

Alright, phew! I really need to finish up these posts from our trip up north. Since then, we've gotten over a foot of snow on the ground, I've been planning things for the wedding that I want to share/talk about, and the holidays are quickly approaching! Plus, I have some really fun collaborations coming up that I'm excited about too! Anyway! Back to a few weeks ago, Eric and I stopped in Charlevoix to see the Charlevoix South Pier Light Station. It was built in 1884, and it's located on Lake Michigan right at the entrance to Lake Charlevoix. I had a hard time planning for this one, because so many of the pictures show it's previous state and it used to be painted white! I loved this lighthouse though; unique to most of the others I've seen. Anyway, I'm off! BUSY day. And I just got home from my friend's monthly wine night, and I had almost five (small) glasses of sparking wine so I shouldn't be talking on the internet at this point. ;)

Outfit details:
Madewell Skinny Skinny Crop Jeans
Bonfire Stories Tunic in Red Plaid c/o ModCloth
Madison Cardigan c/o Living Doll
Arc Boots in Black c/o Wolverine 1000 Mile

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse

To follow up my last exciting post, I thought it'd be fun to show you the lighthouse Eric proposed at! Like I said before, the Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse doesn't exactly make the map for Michigan lighthouses... because it's um, well, a cylinder at the end of a long pier. But Eric's "surprise Tieka" mission was a success, and now we'll never forget this place ever. The pier was actually really fun to walk down, especially with the waves crashing over. I was messing around, adjusting settings and didn't even realize I captured that last photo of Eric... in position, exactly where it happened. I love those happy accidents. This lighthouse was built around 1912, and looked so much different 100 years ago! It's been stripped down to what it is today, but there's definitely history here. Lots of good history! ♥

Outfit details:
Forever 21 Black Jeans (similar)
Levi's 4-Pocket Parka c/o HauteLook (similar)
Chambray Top c/o Sprightly So (similar)
Moorea Seal Woodland Wide Brim Hat in Camel (similar)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

We're engaged!


A couple of weekends ago, Eric and I were visiting the great northwest of Michigan. On the last day of our trip, we headed to Petoskey to see the Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse. It's usually a lighthouse that never makes the map, and it's just a small cylinder at the end of a long pier. It was so windy, and the waves were crashing up like crazy. Eric was like, "You can stay back here with Winny and I'll go get pictures." But knowing me... if I'm at a lighthouse, I have to have the full experience, so Winny and I headed out there to meet him. He said as soon as he saw us walking toward him, he knew it was the right moment. I was taken by complete surprise. He proposed at the end of the pier; I couldn't even give him an answer at first! I just stood there crying and nodding my head. When he stood up from being down on one knee, he was like, "So, is that a yes?" Um... YES. We've been together for two and a half years, and are pup-parents to the sweetest gal ever. We've both been through some hardships, but we've always been there for each other. That's how I know we'll be successful as a married couple. We fight, and we fight for each other always, even when things are not easy. We love each other more than anything, and our life we've already created together. I can't wait to buy a house, and have a family with him. It all feels right. We took two weeks to slowly tell our families, friends and colleagues and it has been pure bliss. We've been so happy, and so has everyone close to us in our life. That's all that matters. I'm so excited to celebrate all year long and plan this wedding together!

Photos by our amazing friend, Tifani Lyn Photography