Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We're Golden

We're onto that golden autumn sunlight that I love so very much! Can you guys believe how fast September is going? I can't. My head is spinning with how time is flying. In a spurt of short news items, I had my eyebrows mapped at Siren and Proper and I'm super happy with the results. We just celebrated Eric's 26th birthday. My workplace had an amazing fall retreat last Friday and I feel so lucky to be able to work there. I drove to Indiana and back last night to visit my best friend who just moved from Denver, so that was fun! Eric and I had drinks with our married neighbor friends recently (after talking on social media for a while) and they turned out to be the most amazing people ever. My other best friend is getting married this upcoming weekend, and I couldn't be more excited. So yeah - good things all around! Also! I spotted this cardigan in the window at Charlotte Russe while perusing the mall, and had to have it. I was so surprised with how much I loved in the store! I never shop there, but I'd definitely go back in the future. That's all. Bye!

Outfit details:
Forever21 Black Sheer Dress (similar)
Sienna Boots c/o ShoeMint

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Laura's Bachelorette Party

Last weekend, I headed down to Baroda for my best gal's bachelorette party. I'm sure many of you know Laura from previous posts. She runs a blog with her cousin, Katelyn. She was also at the Maurice's event last year, and traveled with me to Florida this past July too! Anyway, she's getting married next weekend and I couldn't be more excited for her. Eric and I are both super close to her and her fiancé, Steve. Eric plays drums in his band! Long story short, all of the women celebrated her bachelorette party with a full day of wine tasting! We had so much fun. I had never been to Baroda before, so it was fun for me to see a new part of Michigan too. We went to Hickory Creek Winery, Round Barn (my favorite!), Gravity and Lemon Creek Winery. We rode around on a wagon all day, drinking lots of wine, and eating lots of snacks. So fun. Now we look forward to the wedding next weekend!

Outfit details:
Forever21 Black Maxi Dress (similar)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black coat, black hat, Cadillac

I know the lyrics are "Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac" but we're close enough. When I was sixteen years old, I used to play that song so loud in my car when heading to a punk show. I can't believe that was over ten years ago now. Times flies! Anyway, I'm back today styling another piece with Avenle – this flowy, white tank. I chose this tank because I thought it'd be a great staple piece for tons of outfits. I just got this faux leather jacket too, so I wanted to pair these two together right away. I'd definitely wear this outfit to a concert, but maybe change to flats if I had to stand all night watching bands. I'm a heels wuss. ;)

Outfit details:
Celia Blouse c/o Avenle
Forever21 Dynamic Faux Suede Heels (similar)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feeling neutral

Eric and I headed down to Reeds Lake tonight, and I couldn't believe how autumnal it looked! It's coming up fast this year. I feel like peak colors are going to hit early in October, which is a bummer because I love when the colors last into November. Oh well, I'll just enjoy it all while it's here. This week, I'm working with Avenle to style up three pieces, three different ways! The first item is this ivory, polka-dot clutch. I based my outfit around it, choosing all neutral pieces. I really love ivory and white together right now. I'm excited for more autumn outfits coming up this month and next! Also, the new Ryan Adams album came out today and it's my jam for this season. So far, "Tired of Giving Up", "Kim" and "My Wrecking Ball" are my favorite tracks.

Outfit details:
Chai There Cardigan c/o ModCloth
Agenda Dress c/o Others Follow (shop)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Past autumn favorites





Eeee, I'm always so excited to do these autumn recaps, because that means the season is so close! I know it's clichĂ© as a blogger and a girl to love autumn as much as I do, but oh well. I love it. It's by far my favorite season. I get a thrill over everything from picking pumpkins, to drinking apple cider, to finally wearing tights and sweaters, and watching halloween movies snuggled up on the sofa. Plus, I love the smell of the leaves, the atmosphere of the sky, the colors of the trees, that perfect golden sunlight. It's all so wonderful. As I looked back on the past five years, I realized how much I love my blog. Sometimes I feel like my style isn't what it used to be, or that I'm somehow digressing away from who I "was". But I realized that's not at all the case. I'm still the same person, still pretty much have the same style, and still have the same interests. And I'll continue to blog about them, because they make me happy. This season holds a lot of fun plans... and I'm excited for what autumn will bring.