My name is Tieka (tee-kuh) and I’m the blogger behind Selective Potential.

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan in a quaint historic neighborhood called Heritage Hill. I graduated with my BFA in digital media with a focus in interactive design from Kendall College of Art & Design. By day, I’m a full-time graphic designer at Williams Group. By nights and weekends, I run this blog, and spend a lot of time traveling and lighthouse hopping around Michigan. I love music, sweet wines, all four seasons (especially autumn), spending time with friends and family, and living a simple, happy and routine life.

I started Selective Potential in September 2009 as a way to discover my own sense of personal style. Now I share my personal style, travels, and daily life here on the blog.

I currently live with my husband, Eric, and the sweetest pup, Winny.

Thanks for being here!

press/featured in

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Lucky Magazine, featured in print, August 2011
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Revue Magazine, blogger feature
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Megan Nieslen, SS2011 lookbook model
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Ruchette of the Month
ModCloth Blogger of the Moment

Chictopia Style Icon
Minnetonka Blogger Spotlight
Who What Wear, Style Stalker, November 2009
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Rapid Growth's "Local Social Media You Should Be Following"
Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger
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Texas Style Council Conference, speaker
Hanes Hosiery, NYFW ambassador
Adobe Photoshop Elements, ambassador
Little Cabin Films "At The Drive In" and "Super Sundae", video/model
LG Voice of Fashion, blogger ambassador

Frequently asked questions

How do you pronounce your name?

It's spelled Tieka, but it's pronounced tee-kuh.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

I started blogging in September 2009... Labor Day weekend, to be exact! I started my blog because I had just lost 35 pounds and was so excited by the many new ways I could dress my body. I googled personal style and came across an article on fashion bloggers. I've been in love with fashion blogs ever since.

How did you lose 35 pounds?

In 2009, I followed Weight Watchers and a 5K training plan to lose the weight. Over the years, I did gain the weight back. I hit an ultimate high in July 2017. After working through some health-related issues (headaches, lymph node pain, etc.), I decided to change my life. I started seeing a naturopathic doctor, started going to a therapist, started a pretty intense vitamin regime, rejoined Weight Watchers, and joined a gym called FLEXcity Fitness. Now I'm in a new journey of losing 37 pounds (currently at 30 pounds lost!) and feel better than ever. I currently workout 4x a week at FLEXcity Fitness (very strict about it, but I also love it) and I use Weight Watchers to keep track of my diet and portions. I love to cook, am obsessed with healthy food (roasted winter vegetables are near and dear to my heart) but I also love the finer things in life... wine, and a good plate of fettuccine alfredo!

What inspired the name Selective Potential?

I wanted something that I could grow with, whether my blog was about my personal style, traveling, or my daily life. I like the word potential because everyone has it and is able to live up to it.

What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos?

I recently upgraded to a Canon 6D Mark II. For years, I used a Canon Rebel T2i. I'm a firm believer in... the camera doesn't make the photographer, so don't worry about spending too much on a fancy camera. For lenses, I use a 50mm and 35mm. (Mostly 35mm, especially when we travel.) For editing, I use Lightroom and Photoshop. I use presets from Tribe Archipelago. For iPhone photos, I use Lightroom Mobile, VSCO, Afterlight, and A Color Story.

What is your full-time career?

I'm a full-time graphic designer at a strategic communications company called Williams Group. I feel so blessed to do something everyday that I love and puts my passion and college degree to good use! Plus, I'm so lucky to be around my Wg family every day... it's truly a place I call home.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

I absolutely love Madewell, TargetOld Navy, and H&M.

How tall are you?

I'm 5'3 (and a half).

What breed is Winny?

She's a Cockapoo, a mix between a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel.