One of my favorite places to eat in town is at Stella's! It's just two doors down from where I work and they have the best vegan and non-vegan food. It's a punk rock style bar with vintage arcade games and a juke box. I absolutely love the atmosphere and end up going every other week or so with friends or co-workers! So, I thought it would be fun to snap some photos outside in front of their lovely skull decor!

Thank you guys all so much for your amazing comments on yesterday's post! I'll definitely have to take your advice and style my hair up curly again (with a floral dress and strappy sandals in spring!) The guys in the band kept picking on me at practice tonight saying how awful my shorts were - haha! Silly boys. Well anywho, this outfit was fun. I had a super hard time figuring of ways to style up this dress! Usually I default on my belts, but I couldn't cover up the cute bow detail! I might have to send this around the Delightful Dozen so the girls can give me some inspiration on how to wear it again!

Well, I'm off! I have so much to do tonight. I'm honestly considering an all-nighter, but I know that it would just destroy me tomorrow. I don't understand how people can stay up all night anymore! I'm such an old lady! Plus, tomorrow I'm getting my hair and bangs trimmed... and I'd feel a little sorry for myself if I fell asleep in the salon chair! Haha; have a great rest of your week everyone!

Outfit details:

Checking the Box Bow Dress c/o Threadsence
Target tights
Urban Outfitters hat
Forever21 boots