Rolling hills

I'm so surprised Brett and I even got any decent photos out of this post! He was making the craziest remarks about my outfit all evening long... and I honestly couldn't stop laughing all night. Usually he snickers when I walk out of the bedroom, but today he waited until we were at the gas station. He gets out of the car to pump gas, opens the door back up and goes, "And where are you going? Africa?" I died. Then I was sitting in the car and he was pumping gas and I hear him singing the Lion King soundtrack from outside. When I asked him to go inside to get me a drink, he goes, "What do you want... jamba juice?" Hahaha!

I actually really liked this outfit! A little bit eclectic sure, but a long flowy dress with a huge flowy scarf? So comfortable and pretty! This skirt is actually Julie's from Orchid Grey. She's passing it around the Delightful Dozen and it's been so fun to see how each girl styles it. You can keep updated on how everyone wears it at our blog and you can also see how Julie, Elizabeth and Starr have styled it so far at this post!

I'm all about matchy-matchy. I never know if that's a good or bad thing, but when this scarf matched the dress colors so perfect, I knew they were meant to be together. I'm so in love with styling scarves around your shoulders. I went through a major phase when I first started blogging and used to do this all the time! One of my favorite beginner blogger outfits actually had a giant belted scarf! Gosh, I can't believe how much time has passed. I'll be celebrating my blog 2-year anniversary in September. Crazy! It feels like I'm still a newbie sometimes!

Outfit details:

Spotted Moth Dress via Orchid Grey / Delightful Dozen
Return of the mack-rame belt c/o ModCloth
Remembering Autumn Striped Scarf c/o Shop Ruche
Garren heels c/o Blowfish shoes