Tunnel Park

I took a little trip south to Holland, Michigan to grab a bite to eat and to check out Tunnel Park! My dad told me about this park a while back and I've been meaning to go. I got there and had to hike up a few stairs to get to the beach. It was so pretty! I couldn't find the tunnel though... and I had to walk down the beach a little bit to find it. It's always fun when you see something you've only seen in photos before. I don't know, maybe it's just me but it feels like an adventure!

I was snapping photos and I hear this guy singing quite loud... and his little kids making these howling noises! I couldn't see them, but I was cracking up when they came out. The guy looks at me and laughs and says, "It's the highlight of Tunnel Park!" Whenever you sing or shout in the tunnel, it is so loud and echoey! As soon as they got to the beach, they turned around and went through it again. So funny!

I received this so-cute floral dress from Chloe Loves Charlie! It's so Tieka. Sleeves, twirly, cut-out details on the back, florals. I could live in this dress. It's so comfortable... and the perfect length. I have so many dresses that are just way too scandalous to wear to work... or without tights even! It's really refreshing to have a dress you can slip on and not worry about. Especially come summer when I don't feel like layering much. It's been staying 70's here, so tights are still fine, but in a few weeks they definitely won't be!

I've been trying to plan weekends for trips and what not... and I cannot believe how fast summer is filling up! I've been trying to arrange a weekend to head down to Philly with Andrea to see Veronika... and even August is full already! It's so crazy how you wait months and months for summer to arrive and when it comes... it goes so quickly! I even started looking into hotels for New York for fashion week! I wish I knew the exact dates of events... haha! Anyone else going this year?

Be sure to head over and enter the Blowfish Shoes giveaway if you haven't already! I think this might be my biggest giveaway ever! I remember my first one... I was so excited when I hit over a hundred comments! Haha, aw. The simple successes you have when you start your blog. I'd seriously relive it all over again. It has been a blast!

Outfit details:

Floral Twirl Dress c/o Chloe Loves Charlie
American Apparel army green tights
Urban Outfitters t-strap heels
Forever 21 belt