South Manitou Island

We took a ferry from Leland over to South Manitou Island. I had no idea there were islands that existed off the Sleeping Bear Dunes lakeshore! I was so excited to go explore an island with abandoned schoolhouses, farmhouses, shipwrecks and a lighthouse. It truly was an amazing sight to see. The ferry takes about an hour and drops you off on the island. We did the day-trip, but so many people were heading out there to camp for the weekend!

This old schoolhouse was so amazing. As soon as you stepped inside, it smelled like history. We all sat in the little schoolhouse desks and explored. It was seriously too cool. We took a wagon tour where they dropped you off to a bunch of locations to explore including this school house, an inland lake and old farmhouses!

Of course, our favorite thing was the lighthouse. This lighthouse was massive. When we took a tour to the top, it was an unending spiral staircase! We even got to step off into the house connected to the tower and take a peek. In the 60's, when the lighthouse wasn't maintained, hippies would go in there and draw and vandalize the lighthouse. It was actually really interesting to see.

The view from the top was so freaky. I was holding onto the rail with both hands the whole way and almost felt like I'd fly off because it was so windy! I had such a hard time snapping photos, thinking I'd fall. Haha! The view of Lake Michigan was stunning though. Sometimes I just can't believe how wonderful it is where we live.

Well, there's a little tour of South Manitou Island! This week I have two more trip posts left! I can't believe a little weekend trip in early July took us all the way into middle of July with posts. It's been really nice to have posts ready to go the past couple of weeks. It's been so hot here lately and I sometimes feel so guilty about how lazy I dress. Today I wore an old band tee and a floral skirt with flats. Not to mention, I wore that same t-shirt to bed last night. So awful! I'll get my butt in gear next week. Have a great Monday, everyone!

Outfit details:

Gap jeggings
Best of both words tunic c/o Shop Ruche
Urban Outfitters flats