TxSC Mentoring Breakfast

Phew, I'm finally getting my feet back on the ground after coming home from Texas! I flew to Austin for the weekend to attend and speak at the Texas Style Council Conference. It was a lot of fun, but it was such a whirlwind. Despite the cold, rainy temperatures, I was able to get out quite a bit, meet a lot of amazing girls and spend time with old favorites! I wore this outfit for the TxSC Mentoring Breakfast. Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky and I spoke on Blogging 101. It was a lot of fun to connect with bloggers just starting out!

I am honestly cracking up right now at the outfit I wore. All day, I kept getting, "You look like a modern day Snow White!" and I couldn't exactly envision her dress. So I just googled it and died. It is a total exact rip-off and it was not planned whatsoever! The skirt to her dress is yellow, the top is blue with bunched sleeves and she wears a red bow in her hair. Haha, that is too funny.

I'll be posting on the TxSC all week, but I just wanted to say right now that I admire Indiana so much for putting together such a fabulous event! Planning a huge weekend for so many attendees would have me pulling my hair out. I was super impressed and would definitely head back again next year for all of the fun. Hopefully then... it would be warm? I couldn't believe Michigan was warmer than Austin. So nuts! Also - a huge thank you to ModCloth for sponsoring my trip!

Outfit details:

ModCloth On Your Way skirt
ModCloth Des Colores Top in Navy
Thrifted belt
ModCloth Bow to Stern scarf
Loxley Mary Jane wedges c/o Ruche