Carnival in the park

This past weekend, Brett and I headed out with a couple of friends to a local carnival in John Ball Park! This is always one of my favorite times of year because the weather is getting nicer... and it's our first carnival of the season. Unfortunately, they had zero good rides to ride! So we walked around for a bit scoping the scene. Carnivals are one of my favorite things ever about summer. We love riding dorky rides and eating junk food. Who doesn't, right?

So my life has been a bit crazy lately wearing these glasses! I know that sounds weird, but it's honestly life changing. I've worn contacts since I was 13 and there are so many things I took for granted. Like... how in the heck do girls with glasses take showers and know if they're hitting all of the spots on their legs when shaving?! Or how do you go running without them bouncing all over the place? All I can say is... I'm counting the days until I can wear my contacts again. If you're not used to wearing glasses, it's so hard to adjust! It looks like it's going to be about another month. Booooo!

My favorite carnival coming up is the old fashioned days. I can't believe I wore this outfit there two years ago already. It cracks me up how much I've changed... and how much I haven't changed. Brett and I are still totally the same people, but we're at such different places in our lives. I love how unexpected life can be. As much as I miss Grand Haven, I'm finally getting used to our place here and enjoying being in the city and so close to everything. But I am so excited for a hot summer day so I can head back to the beach and take it all in again. 

Outfit details:

Target red jeans
Confetti Cake top c/o Shop Strut
ModCloth Sibling Flats in Big Sis
ModCloth Rat-a-tat hat
Heart to Love ring c/o ModCloth