Evergreen Lake

I took a little relaxing Sunday adventure to Evergreen Lake today with Eric. We've been mostly in pajamas all weekend, because I've been home with a cold. But it was good to get dressed and get outside. We've had insane weather this weekend with yesterday almost hitting 60 and today felt freezing. I honestly don't like the jumping temperatures; I'd rather winter just be winter. Let it snow! Plus, I swear I get sick anytime we have such drastic changes in the weather. Here's hoping for perfect health this week though. It's going to be a busy one!

I have my final practice and show with Circle Maybe this week. Ah! Crazy, right? It's been an amazing few years but we're all moving on and ready to wrap it up. You can download all of our music here for free and we're having a half off sale on all merch too. On Wednesday, Eric and I are starting a 6-week puppy training course with Winny! I'm really excited. And Thursday, I'm starting a zumba class with a couple of girlfriends. Next weekend, Eric and I will be in Holland because he's playing drums for a band. Phew! I'm excited though. I honestly like having plans and being busy.

I've been a little stumped at what to wear lately. Autumn, spring and summer are so easy. And I feel like winter should be too, but when winter doesn't look like winter... I'm at a loss! I've just been trying to collect as much inspiration as I can on Pinterest and go from there. I saw an outfit recently with a navy coat and white dress, and I loved it. So I thought I'd give it a try! Plus, this is the first time I'm wearing the boots Eric bought me for Christmas on the blog! They are my absolute favorite. He honestly spoiled me.

Outfit details:

Isn't It Iconic Dress c/o ModCloth
Mock Trial President Jacket c/o ModCloth
Target tights
Urban Outfitters belt
2568 Samosa boots