1001 Sheets: A Fashion Show

Last weekend, Eric and I attended a local fashion show put on by Kendall College of Art & Design. It was called 1001 Sheets: A Fashion Show and the entire collection was made of paper. I was pleasantly surprised by how well constructed and wearable some of the pieces appeared! Eric and I stopped by to check it out and take a few pictures. I've been going to this fashion show since I went to college there, and so I always enjoy seeing the different themes they come up with each year. I remember when I was still in college, they had a carnival themed show. I loved it! Local fashion is such a treat. If you have any blogger get-togethers or fashion shows in your city, no matter how big or small, I say go! Support your local fashion events.

I've been on a roll with outfit posts, right?! Honestly, I'm trying to play catch up. All winter I've just felt so behind. I have so many items I've worn that I haven't worn on the blog yet. So I just forced myself to get a jolt of energy and start taking more pictures whenever possible. I upgraded my vintage Coach purse to my new bigger mustard tote, so I can start carrying my Canon with me everywhere I go. It has really been helping me grab more pictures - not only of my outfits, but my surroundings too! I also really want to get better at photography - technically and just creatively. I'd love to even take a class or workshop this summer, so if anyone knows of any good ones in GR, let me know!

Eric and I ended up getting there a little bit late, so we had standing room in the back, but he managed to grab a few pictures of the show. Coming up this week, I have a giveaway with Pima Doll, a restyle of this little end-table I finished, a diet recap (yes, I promise it's going up this week!) and a dining room tour. I'm excited for some different content other than fashion coming up! Also, can I just say I honestly planned an outfit for a post in August? How insane is that? As soon as I was done, I called myself Tiek the Freak. It's true!

Outfit details:

Mauve-in Ready Dress c/o ModCloth
Forever 21 top
Target tights
Braided Bronze Bracelet c/o JewelMint
Fourth Wall Heel c/o PB&J Boutique