South Haven Lighthouse

For Memorial Day weekend, I knew I wanted to take a little day trip, so we headed southwest to South Haven. It's nice because it was only a quick hour drive, and we got to explore a lighthouse I haven't been to yet. This lighthouse (and town!) reminded me a lot of Grand Haven. It was all along the Black River (like GH is along the Grand River), and it had a very similar catwalk. The South Haven lighthouse is actually a shortened version of the Muskegon South Pierhead though, where I grew up. I loved the catwalk though, especially because it's only one of four that survive in Michigan.

I went on a nautical craze a month ago, and it really hasn't stopped yet. I'm in love with nautical inspired items, prints, colors, you name it. I'm just going to continue and try to grow this collection. It'll never go out of style if I never stop visiting lighthouses, right? And I seriously have over 100 more to see in Michigan, so I'll just keep this going! It was insanely windy (and quite chilly) along the lakeshore, so I decided to not take off my cardigan. I actually liked it more with the outfit than without!

I was having a blast snapping photos with Eric on this day. He was cracking me up! He is seriously so much fun, all the time. I wish that I could express certain things about our lives and personalities easier on my blog. It's a challenge sometimes, especially because you don't want to brag or boast or whatever. But since I'm allowed to brag about Eric, I'll just say he is awesome to be around. But anyway, his caption below reads to me, "Man, this looks like a sturdy pole." "Let me just check on this here..."

"Oh yeah, it's sturdy."

Haha! Other than that, we helped our friend, Laura, move out of her apartment on Friday. Saturday consisted of this trip and another trip to a local (quite trashy) carnival (post to come, of course). Sunday, we went to a friend's dog's birthday party. It was super fun and we ate corn dogs, "paw"tato salad, puppy chow, dirt and more. Winny had a blast and slept all night. Eric and I went for a drink at our favorite bar/restaurant, The Winchester and went to a bon fire at my friend Kayley's house. Did you guys do anything fun to celebrate the holiday?

Outfit details:

Sailor's Knot Top c/o ModCloth
Tulle Long Cardigan with Waist Tie
Karaoke Songstress Jeans c/o ModCloth
Expandable Tote c/o Thimble and Thorn
H&M Sunglasses
ModCloth Compass Rose Necklace
Shoes Your Own Adventure Heel c/o ModCloth